2021 Mila Maintenance & Installation COVID-19 Guidelines

This document outlines the steps that we will undertake to keep ourselves and our customers safe while working out on site during Covid-19 work continuation, and until further notice.

For our own comfort and safety and for that of the customers we serve, these are the minimum steps we will follow whilst carrying out our day to day duties.

We should all also keep ourselves up to date with the latest government announcements and ensure that what we do adheres to any new requirements where there is a need to do more than is outlined below.

Travel to and from site

  • Wherever possible we should travel to site alone using the vans provided, however if this is not possible and we need to share, we will try to ensure that we travel with the same colleague as often as possible.
  • It is now compulsory to wear a face mask whilst travelling together.
  • Wherever possible we should open the windows to provide ventilation.
  • For those of us responsible for vans, we should clean it internally after every complete journey with special emphasis on those areas of the vehicle that are touched the most, and always keep sanitiser available.

Arriving at a customer’s home

  • When you arrive at a customer’s home knock on the door and then stand back a minimum of 2 metres to allow the customer to answer, complying with social distancing guidelines.
  • Show your ID Card and introduce yourself. Advise the customer what you are there to do, what kind of access you will need within their home, and approximately how long the visit should take.
  • Let’s not shake hands with the customer on arrival or departure – they will understand.
  • Check that there is nobody in the home who is in a vulnerable group in reference to the Coronavirus.
  • Check that the customer is still happy for you to carry out the works or if they would like to re-schedule.
  • If the customer says there is somebody who is unwell in their home, or for any other reason they are not happy for you to proceed, respect their wishes and leave immediately.
  • Report the situation to your line manager who will take any necessary actions.

If the customer is happy to proceed

  • Confirm to them that you don’t have any symptoms and are authorised to carry out the works on that day.
  • Let us make sure we sanitise our hands, ideally in full view of the customer, and put on any PPE equipment required to carry out the works if you are not already wearing it.
  • Please also tell the customer about any other items we may need to bring into their home to carry out the works – dustsheets or carpet protectors for example. Explain that they are new or if re-usable have been sanitised since they were last used.
  • Request the customer to open all the doors to the rooms you will be working in so that you do not have to touch the handles.
  • Explain to the customer that they should stay in a different room at all times whilst the work is being carried out and tell them we are going to try to maintain social distancing guidelines at all times, but that it may on occasion not be totally possible.

Refreshments and Toilet Visits

  • Explain to the customer that we will not be able to accept any refreshments but do not want to appear ungrateful, and that we will not ask to use the toilet facilities.
  • Where you are on a site where there are no welfare facilities please familiarise yourself with the nearest public facilities, which may be at the local supermarket.

Entering a customer’s home

  • Once you have entered a customer’s home if you feel unsafe or that there is some risk to you from exposure to the Coronavirus, you should explain to the customer that you are uncomfortable and leave immediately.
  • Report your concerns and actions to your immediate line manager for them to take any necessary actions to liaise with the customer.
  • If this happens then you should immediately sanitise your hands, and if you believe you may have been exposed to a customer who is ill or showing symptoms you should discuss it with your line manager.
  • At all times we will adhere to government guidelines, and if that means any of us need to self-isolate, that’s what we will do.

Carrying out the works

  • Let’s ensure that we touch as few things as possible whilst carrying out the works. While it’s in all our natures to want to be helpful and offer to move furniture, curtains, or window cill items we should not do so. Let’s ask the customer to do this – they will have been asked to do so in advance.
  • Where they can’t do so – for example if there is a need to move a heavy piece of furniture, ask for their permission to move it, touch as little of the item as possible, and then immediately wipe it down with a cleaning agent before continuing with the works.
  • Once the works are complete, let’s ensure that we wipe down all the window frames, sashes, handles and any other things we may have come into contact with while doing the job.
  • With the customer standing at a safe distance let us explain or demonstrate what works have been done and get them to confirm that they understand and are happy with the job.
  • This will replace the existing sign off procedures where a customer may previously have signed a paper document. However, if a signature is required, this will be requested electronically by email or other means.
  • In the case of fire door installations, we should continue to leave them a physical copy of the operating instructions to ensure we comply with the necessary requirements for a job of this type.
  • The use of and sharing of phones, pens, paper, or other physical items with a customer is not permitted at this time.
  • Prior to getting back into our vehicles we should ensure that we sanitise our hands again.
  • Make sure we have collected any waste created during the job, package it up securely so that it is not loose on the van and dispose of it responsibly in the appropriate place.
  • On leaving a customer’s home, and prior to setting off to the next job, we should clean all our tools with an appropriate surface cleaner so that there is reduced chance of any transmission into a vehicle or between properties.

Returning to Barnsley Depot (CoE)

  • On return to Unit 16, if you only require access to the yard, then a face mask is not required, but Safety shoes and Hi viz vest is still a requirement.
  • If you require any internal access to Unit 16 (including warehouse admission), then a face mask must be worn.

If you have any questions about this document or are unsure in any way of what is required of you during the Covid-19 work continuation, please speak to your line manager or directly to me.
Thank you for your cooperation and support. Stay Safe, Secure and Warm.

Tristan Cooke, Managing Director

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Written by : Tristan Cooke

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Having been with the business since 1997, Tristan became Managing Director of Mila Maintenance and Installation in September 2015.

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