5 Benefits of Window Overhaul Over Replacement In Social Housing

Over time, all windows naturally deteriorate, but complete replacement is often inconvenient, expensive, and unnecessary for housing associations and their tenants. Whether the problem is a simple one, such as a broken handle or hinge, or a more complex issue such as a blown glass unit, commercial window repairs are a viable and cost-effective solution that eradicates many of the challenges of replacing double-glazing in social housing.

If you’re a property manager or project director who is responsible for the upkeep or refurbishment of social housing, what are the benefits of choosing window maintenance over replacement

1. Easy Access

Complete window replacement usually requires access from outside the property. Many social housing complexes are multistorey or high-rise in design, meaning upper windows cannot be replaced without costly scaffolding and specialist equipment. Repairs are a much more convenient and practical option, as they can be completed from inside the property, saving considerable cost and time.

2. No Associated Damage

Replacing a window inevitably causes damage to surrounding plasterwork which must be patched professionally after installation, while paintwork and wallpaper can also be spoiled in the process. If the entire window does not need to be replaced, repairs are a more sensible option as the work can be completed quickly without the cost of additional time and materials. Tenants are more likely to be happier if the internal décor is undisturbed.

3. Lower Costs Overall

Repairs are a more affordable option than a full window replacement, as most of the existing window can be retained. There is little point replacing the frame, casement, or glass if they are in satisfactory condition, and the cost savings of a repair can be considerable – vital for hard-pressed social housing budgets!

4. Gives Windows a New Lease of Life

Carrying out simple repairs on an existing window may be all that is required to significantly extend its lifespan. A damaged double-glazing unit, for example, may allow condensation to form inside the glass but, when replaced, will offer long-term service that eliminates the need for further repairs or replacement for many years. With more certainty about your property maintenance costs, you’ll be able to budget for replacement windows that actually do need to be completed.

5. Environmental Benefits

Window overhaul has excellent environmental benefits as repairing the uPVC window profiles, rather than replacing the windows as a whole, means you are retaining the window frame or plastics rather than replacing the entire window even when the uVPC is still intact. Replacing the whole window has a detrimental impact on the environment as it can add to the landfill crisis that we are trying to reduce. More specifically, 6 million windows are replaced every year in the UK meaning if all these windows were replaced holistically as opposed to repairing retaining core elements of the window and making small repairs to segments of the window, this would create 100,00 tonnes of waste going to landfill. For landlords, this can add to your green credentials and the carbon savings can be highly significant.

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