95% rating on CIPS Sustainability Index for Mila Maintenance

Social Housing repairs and maintenance specialist Mila Window and Door Maintenance has hit a 95% rating in the CIPS Sustainability Index.

Asked to undertake the review by key client London and Quadrant Housing, Mila Maintenance hit a target of 95% across a wide range of scoring criteria covering the three pillars of sustainability – social, economic, and environmental.

As a business which specialises in providing long term sustainable solutions as their core day to day offering it is perhaps no surprise that they scored so highly in the index.

By providing their clients with repairs and maintenance services for windows and doors rather than them having to undertake full and costly replacement, sustainability very much underpins the company approach and purpose.

But as Tristan Cooke Business Manager for Mila Window and Door Maintenance points out, the high scores on the index point to much more.

“We would expect in principle to score highly with regards to sustainability; at the end of the day that is the essence of what our business is about, to repair and to maintain rather than to throw away. But the in depth criteria which we had to fulfil to gain such a high score across all sectors of the index shows that our infrastructure as well as our delivery is geared to being sustainable”.

“I was as pleased to score as highly for our economic sustainability as I was for our environmental sustainability; it shows that we have financial robustness, good governance, and good ethics as a business”.

“We know in terms of the very essence of what we do that our environmental credentials will be very high, but to have this reinforced formally through the CIPS index is really pleasing, and a confirmation that what we do, and what we offer to our clients is absolutely the right thing”.

“I was also really pleased to see how highly we scored in terms of our social responsibility.  There is not too much we can do to improve on a score of 97% out of 100, but we must of course maintain these levels in the future.  I have little doubt that we will; we have always been committed to working with the communities in which we operate, trying to contribute to better the situation we move into in which ever way that means, and we always try to take any new apprentices from our client’s areas”.

“With skills and labour shortages currently being such a huge issue in the wider construction industry, taking on apprentices the way we do and having them mentored by our more experienced engineers gives us a sustainable operating model which will enable us to keep delivering to our clients at the outstandingly high 90’s percentage rates that we currently do.  It also contributes hugely to the economic and social sustainability of our model and that of our clients”.

“We are really pleased with the outcome of completing the CIPS index; maintaining our high score through continuing to run a well managed business will be as much a focus for us as maintaining windows and doors in our client’s properties and maintaining the high levels of customer satisfaction and operational delivery which we currently do”.

Mila Window and Door Maintenance are specialists in working in social housing and commercial buildings.  They have completed over 1 million repairs in nearly 30 years of trading.

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