Chris France

Contract Manager
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Chris France has worked at Mila Window and Door Maintenance since 1992, helping David Cooke, the original owner of the business. He is now responsible for supporting Mila’s Contract Managers and Service Engineers.

Chris France's role at Mila Maintenance

A major part of Chris’s role involves the coordination of Mila’s service department and to ensure the company keeps up-to-date with the industry latest standards and qualifications – he oversees training and certification for the service engineers.

“My role is quite diverse, I have a proactive part to play, understanding the details of Mila’s contracts, but also ensure our engineers are kept up-to-date with the required qualifications needed to fulfil our client’s requirements.

“It is very much a supportive role, enhanced because of my vast experience within the business, I can lend support and advice if problems occur onsite.”

Chris, started with Mila after being made redundant when the local coal mines were closed in the mid-90s.

“Dave Cooke (the original founder of Mila Maintenance) and I worked together as fitters underground at the mines and after losing our jobs, he contacted me to join the business. I never thought, 25 years later I would still be here!”

Chris understands how important it is to offer the best service to Mila’s clients and enjoys delivering and coordinating the training needed for the engineers. “I’m proud that I have played a part developing so many individual’s careers at Mila, in particularly the youngsters. It’s a great feeling to know you have helped progress and develop them through the business.”

Outside of work

Chris admits, nowadays he likes to spend his time outside of work relaxing. However, he has a passion for shooting and is often joined by his two sons at his local clay shooting ground in Woodhead.

“Clay shooting is a great way of winding down at a weekend. Both my lads are grown-up, but it’s a sport both enjoy as much as me, it’s great to spend time with them on my own, away from the rest of the family.”

Chris’s other interests include watching Barnsley FC play home matches, where he is again joined by one of his son’s, who also supports the club and annual visits to the Lake District.

“Me and my wife have been visiting Bowness every year for the last 30 years. Once, I get there I park the car up for the weekend and jump on local public transport – I get to have a pint without worrying about driving and my wife gets to visit all the local shops and spend my money!”

“It was a fitting reward for the way the whole team thinks and works, we are always looking at ways we can do our job better, even if this means introducing completely new ideas, and at how these new ideas can help our clients and their residents”.

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