Why You Must Maintain Your Fire Doors In Commercial Buildings

Fire doors are an essential part of all commercial buildings’ passive fire protection systems. Designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, fire doors give occupants more time to escape by containing the blaze and protecting vital escape routes. They also provide better access to the building for the fire service so they can extinguish the fire before it causes widespread damage.

Fire doors can save lives and prevent further damage to the building and its contents. However, it is important to regularly maintain fire doors to ensure that they function correctly and comply with safety standards. In this article, we’ll discuss eight key reasons why you should incorporate fire door servicing into your regular window and door maintenance programme.

1. Operational Fire Doors Save Lives

Fire doors which are not properly maintained may not operate correctly if a fire breaks out. If the components within the fire door are damaged, worn, or corroded then the door may fail to offer the protection that is required to keep people safe and prevent a blaze from spreading to vital escape routes. Without professional maintenance, you may discover defects only when a fire breaks out, by which time is it too late to correct the faults and people’s lives may be put in severe danger.

2. Fire Safety Compliance And Business Continuity

Fire doors serve as a crucial line of defence to prevent the rapid spread of fire and smoke in commercial buildings. Regular maintenance ensures that fire doors are fully functional and compliant with all relevant fire safety standards. By keeping fire doors in optimal condition, businesses reduce the risk of fire incidents and the interruptions to operations that are inevitable if an incident occurs. This, in turn, minimises potential financial losses and ensures the continuity of operations.

3. Duty Of Care To Safeguard Service Users’ Wellbeing

By maintaining fire doors to the correct standard, businesses can safeguard the health and wellbeing of all who use the building, including employees, visitors, and customers. By carrying out regular fire door inspections and maintenance, businesses are able to demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling their duty of care. In contrast, neglecting to maintain commercial fire doors could put individuals at risk if a fire breaks out, leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Prioritising fire door maintenance is a key responsibility of all commercial businesses and property owners to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.

4. Mitigating The Cost Of Business Interruption

Fire incidents pose a significant threat to business profitability, as interruptions to operations can result in plummeting productivity, lower efficiency, and reduced trade. Well-maintained fire doors play a critical role in containing fires and limiting their impact, and this can have a positive effect on your business’s ability to function by preventing the rapid spread of fire and smoke, fire doors minimise downtime and enable businesses to resume operations more quickly. If they fail to perform effectively, smoke and fire damage is likely to be more widespread, leading to a prolonged period of closure.

5. Reducing The Risk Of Reputational Damage

A fire in a commercial building can have lasting effects on a business’s reputation, particularly in light of well-publicised disasters in which poor safety standards have led to extensive injuries and deaths. Customers and clients may regard poorly maintained fire doors as a sign of negligence or a sloppy attitude to safety measures. As a result, reputational damage can lead to a loss of trust, decreased customer loyalty, and negative public perception. Therefore, making fire door inspection and maintenance a priority is vital to protect the overall reputation and profitability of the business.

6. Legal And Insurance Implications

A failure to maintain fire doors in line with safety regulations can also have legal and insurance implications. Non-compliance could result in hefty financial penalties and, if a fire results in injury or loss of life, property managers could be held criminally responsible. Furthermore, insurance cover may be compromised if fire doors are not properly maintained, exposing businesses to significant financial risks. By ensuring commercial fire doors are inspected and maintained, businesses can fulfil their legal obligations and ensure their assets are protected through adequate insurance.

7. Alterations To Fire Doors Can Render Them Ineffective

Fire doors are designed and manufactured to British standards to ensure that they perform effectively when a fire occurs. Any alterations to the door, the door surround, or hardware can potentially affect the door’s performance which may not be discovered until a blaze occurs. During regular maintenance checks, all components of the door will be assessed to ensure that no alterations have rendered it ineffective. Fire doors should be checked by a fire door maintenance company in the same way as other firefighting or fire detection equipment.

8. Fire Door Safety Checks Reduce Long-Term Costs

As a commercial property owner or landlord, you may be subject to a dilapidation clause. At the end of your lease, you may have to repair damage to fittings and ensure that the property is in good condition prior to the lease being renewed. Regular fire door safety checks will ensure that any defects are corrected in a timely manner and avoid expensive repairs at the end of your lease.

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