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Mila Maintenance and Installation COVID-19. Communicating with our customers

By now we are all only too aware that we are living in unprecedented times. The air of uncertainty surrounding us all is at a level few, if any of us have experienced before.

Along with thousands of other businesses throughout the UK however, we need to keep our operations running and we have spent some time looking at how we can best adapt to the changing circumstances we face.

The mission statement of Mila Maintenance and Installation is ‘Making people feel safe, secure and warm in their homes’; our maintenance packages are designed to do just that. We have now changed the emphasis of that mission statement to ‘Keeping people safe, secure and warm in their homes’.

The clients we work with, and their residents in whose homes we work still need the essential maintenance services we provide in terms of their windows and doors, but with immediate effect we are adding new communication protocols to help them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Services

Every call our Customer Services team makes now asks the resident directly if they are in a vulnerable or at risk group, and whether they are happy for our engineers and installers to carry out the works at this time, or if they would like to re-schedule. We are also informing them that each of our engineers and installers are checked each day for any symptoms and if they develop any they will be stood down in line with the government’s recommendations and replaced by others who are fit and healthy.

The team will also commit to phoning them a few days in advance of any appointments to re-check their circumstances and again ask them if they are happy to proceed or if they would prefer to re-schedule.

Site Engineers/Installers

Along the same principles we have asked our site teams to observe all government guidelines in terms of ‘social distancing’. When they arrive at a resident’s home they will knock on the door and then stand back, off the step if there is one, or an equal distance if not.

When the resident answers they will show their ID card in line with normal practice, introduce themselves fully and explain the purpose of their visit. Once again, they will ask the resident if there are any vulnerable or at risk people in their home and check that they are happy for them to carry out the planned works that day. Even at this stage, if the resident is not comfortable, we will stand down and re-schedule.

If the resident is happy to proceed our teams will confirm to them that they have been authorised to carry out the works based on them having no symptoms, and as an extra precaution will ask the resident to stay in different rooms to those they are working in. They will explain everything they have done before they leave.

We have implemented these measures to give us, our clients, and their residents every opportunity to have their essential maintenance completed, but at the same time making every possible attempt to keep them safe in their homes.

Mila Maintenance and Installation – keeping people safe, secure and warm in their own homes
Tristan Cooke, Managing Director

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Written by : Tristan Cooke

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Having been with the business since 1997, Tristan became Managing Director of Mila Maintenance and Installation in September 2015.

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