Discover SAFEKEEP at Homes UK 2023

Mila Unveils the SAFEKEEP Model at HOMES UK 2023: Meet Rick Awdas

Mila proudly announces its participation in HOMES UK 2023, the premier housing sector event. Scheduled for November 22-23 at ExCel, London, this conference and exhibition will attract over 4,500 professionals. At the event, Mila will introduce the SAFEKEEP model, a groundbreaking approach to window and door maintenance.

Meet Rick Awdas: Mila’s Commercial Manager

Rick Awdas, Mila’s Commercial Manager, will represent the company. His expertise in property management and the housing sector makes him the ideal SAFEKEEP ambassador. Attendees can connect with him to discover this innovative property maintenance approach.

Discovering SAFEKEEP: A Holistic Solution

SAFEKEEP stands out as a holistic solution for window and door maintenance. It caters to the modern property manager’s needs, focusing on proactive maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Its unique features include detailed surveying, proactive adjustments, and efficient repair solutions.

  1. Survey (S): Precision in Assessment
    • Technical Insight: Detailed inspections by our engineers focus on operational correctness, compliance with health and safety standards, and identifying water and air ingress. These thorough checks are essential for maintaining the highest safety and functional standards.
    • Tailored Reporting: Comprehensive reports highlight areas needing attention, serving as an audit trail for safety measures, crucial for regulatory compliance and strategic planning.
  2. Adjust (A): Proactive Maintenance
    • Technical Approach: Regular adjustments and lubrication of windows are vital. This proactive maintenance prevents minor issues from escalating into major repairs or replacements, maintaining operational integrity and prolonging lifespan.
  3. Fix (F): Efficient Repair Solutions
    • Operational Efficiency: Prompt, effective repairs once issues are identified. Prioritizing safety and functionality is key to maintaining resident comfort and security.
  4. Enhance (E): Beyond Basic Repairs
    • Technical Enhancements: Improvements like enhanced ventilation, increased energy efficiency, or upgraded security features. These enhancements augment existing functionality and extend the service life of your installations.
  5. KEEP: Long-term Care and Maintenance
    • Strategic Planning: Long-term contracts for effective cost management and continuous access to responsive repair services. This includes scheduled future safety audits, critical for maintaining long-term operational functionality and safety.

Addressing the Housing Sector’s Challenges

Mila’s participation at HOMES UK 2023 comes at a crucial time. The housing sector currently grapples with sustaining high-quality, eco-friendly homes. SAFEKEEP directly tackles these challenges. It offers a unified window and door care approach that is both innovative and practical.

Engage with an Expert: Rick Awdas at HOMES UK 2023

Rick Awdas invites housing professionals to engage in meaningful conversations at HOMES UK 2023. He will share insights on the SAFEKEEP model and how it can meet diverse property management needs. This event is essential for anyone looking to improve their property maintenance strategies.

For meeting schedules or more information on SAFEKEEP, visit Rick’s LinkedIn profile: Rick Awdas LinkedIn.

Join Mila at HOMES UK 2023 and discover how the SAFEKEEP model can revolutionize your property management and resident well-being.

Contact Information: Rick Awdas, Commercial Manager, Mila LinkedIn: Rick Awdas HOMES UK 2023: ExCel, London, November 22-23

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