Elevating Resident Safety Through Pre-Visit Customer Care Calls

Elevating Resident Safety Through Pre-Visit Customer Care Calls

In our previous article on ‘Presenting ID cards on arrival is key for residents‘, we explored the pivotal role of presenting ID cards in safeguarding residents, a practice that instills confidence and assures authenticity upon each engineer’s arrival.  We also talked about Mila’s Proactive Measures to Guarantee Resident Safety

This article delves into another significant facet of resident safety – the Pre-Visit Customer Care Calls. These calls underscore Mila’s unwavering commitment to a resident-focused approach, facilitating a seamless and informed scheduling process. By emphasizing detailed communication, special care for vulnerable residents, and tailored communication strategies, Mila continues to uphold and enhance the residents’ safety and peace of mind. Thus, weaving a fabric of trust and reliability that resonates throughout each resident interaction and service delivered.

Pre-Visit Customer Care Call

Prior to any survey or visit, Mila places immense emphasis on a pre-visit customer care call. This preliminary step is crucial in setting the stage for a seamless process. The purpose of the proposed visit is explained in detail during this call, along with the expected duration of the survey. Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity for residents to raise any questions they might have about the survey process.

During this interaction, we also gather any specific requirements or preferences for the visit that might not have been communicated earlier. This can range from the desire for family members or friends to be present during the survey, to particular religious wishes that need observance. For instance, we’ve often been informed of the religious customs of Muslim residents, leading our engineers to wear shoe covers when inside their homes, paying homage to their faith.

Additionally, by maintaining an open channel of communication, we ensure our approach remains resident-centred at all times. Not only does this minimise potential misunderstandings and chances of ‘no access’ situations, but it also upholds our standards of achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

This dialogue extends to discussions about the required repairs. By understanding the depth and nature of the repair work from the residents, we can gauge the time it might take and ascertain any specific tools or parts that would be needed. This proactive approach significantly increases our chances of resolving the issue in the first visit.

Parking, especially in densely populated areas like London, often poses logistical challenges. During the pre-visit call, we inquire about available parking options. On numerous occasions, gracious residents have even offered their personal parking spaces for our engineers, a gesture we deeply appreciate. Such acts of kindness not only aid in timely arrivals but also showcase the trust and rapport we share with those we serve.

Diving into the SAFEKEEP Model

Survey (S): Detailed Checks with Tailored Reporting

Our engineers conduct meticulous checks on your windows and doors.  Firstly for correct operation. Then for compliance with health and safety regulations.  Thirdly, signs of water and air ingress. We also consider any additional factors requested by our clients to furnish landlords with a detailed report. Not only does this report spotlight areas that need fixing. It also serves as a tangible audit trail, showcasing safety precautions undertaken. Finally, the report proposes potential enhancements for the windows.

Adjust (A): Preventing Small Issues from Becoming Major Ones

The emphasis here is on proactive care. Windows require continual small adjustments to windows and regular lubrication.  This prevents minor issues from spiraling into bigger, costlier problems. Guarding against more significant repairs and, worst case, complete window replacements.

Fix (F): Swift and Uncomplicated Solutions

Our approach to fixing is straightforward and effective. Once a problem is identified, our team ensures it’s repaired efficiently.  We prioritise the safety and functionality of the windows and doors to uphold the comfort and security of our residents.

Enhance (E): Advancing Beyond the Basic Functions

Enhancements go beyond mere fixes. It could involve elevating ventilation to combat issues like mould or damp. Or escalating the energy efficiency of windows. Or upgrading security features. In every enhancement action, the objective is to boost the existing functionality. Enhancements may also prolong the lifespan of your installations.

KEEP: Keep your Windows and Residents SAFE

By engaging in long-term contracts, landlords can spread repair costs over an extended period. They gain preferential access to Mila’s responsive repair services. The ‘KEEP’ phase protects your window and door investment.  It is the scheduled programme of future safety audits.  This provides a steadfast availability of a repairs service when it’s needed.  It’s how you KEEP your resident’s windows operational over the long-term with all safety measures functional.  It’s how you prevent small problems becoming large expensive ones.

Partner with Mila and SAFEKEEP Your Residents

When you partner with Mila, you don’t just get a service provider; you get a team that truly cares about your property as much as you do. We ensure all your window and door care needs are managed effectively under one comprehensive, expertly executed model – SAFEKEEP.

Learn more about how SAFEKEEP can benefit your properties. Contact Mila today. Let’s work together to SAFEKEEP your property.  Ensuring optimal functionality, longevity, and resident satisfaction in your buildings.

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