First time fix – delivering transparent measurable results for our clients, their residents, and ourselves.

I am delighted to report the introduction of a new transparent measure across our entire business – First Time Fix.

“The success of our repairs and maintenance business has always been based on offering specific technical expertise and outstanding service which is focussed entirely around care for the residents into whose homes we go. Resident satisfaction levels across our whole client base are consistently high, and they are there for everybody to see on our website; we don’t hide anything”.

“But the extension to that is that we now measure our First Time Fix percentages. What does this mean? It is the measure we use to ensure that whenever and wherever we can we only enter a resident’s property once – we want to cause them the least disturbance that we can, and we try really hard to ensure that this is what happens”.

“It might seem like an obvious thing to measure, but the right processes, procedures, and supply chains need to be in place first to enable you to do it and we have introduced this as the next step in the development of our client relationships and our business. It is another measure of our performance which is transparent and there for everyone to see on the homepage of our website”.

Driven by us
“It is designed first and foremost as a customer care measure – as we all know, any resident will tell you, having repairs and maintenance carried out in their home is great, it solves a problem for them and makes the quality of their life better – but they don’t want to see you two and three times. They want the job done there and then”.

“This is the essence of what First Time Fix is, delivering an even better level of customer care”.
“The response has been terrific. Residents and clients are clearly very happy with what we are doing, it makes the whole process and delivery of the service so much smoother and customer satisfaction levels are even higher”.

“First Time Fix is a great measure for any repairs and maintenance business, for ours where we deal with so many varied specifications it is especially important, and our ability to introduce it and already be recording figures in the mid 90%’s is a great start point”.

“But we won’t rest at that, we want to see our First Time Fix percentage as high as our resident satisfaction levels, consistently at over 98%. Then we know as a specialist repairs and maintenance contractor we are delivering not only a truly cost effective service for our clients but an outstandingly supportive service for their residents”.

Tristan Cooke – Managing Director
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Written by : Tristan Cooke

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Having been with the business since 1997, Tristan became Managing Director of Mila Maintenance and Installation in September 2015.

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