The Art of a First-Time Fix: Elevating Window and Door Maintenance in the UK

Experiencing a maintenance team’s repeated visits can be a hassle. It’s not only disruptive but also costly. That’s why our ‘First Time Fix’ stands out.

Our Unique Approach to Repairs

Our First Time Fix strategy aims for perfection in one go. Whether it’s high rise window maintenance, commercial window projects, or door repair for businesses, we target completion in a single visit. This approach ensures minimal disturbance and a flawless service experience.

Understanding Local Needs: Yorkshire, Humberside, and Beyond

We cater to Yorkshire, Humberside, London, Kent, and surrounding areas. Our daily window repairs show our commitment. We recognize the urgency in sectors such as Social Housing and Student Living. Here, swift repairs matter, especially in homes and buildings housing the vulnerable.

Expertise Across Various Sectors

Proudly, we provide top-notch window and door maintenance tailored for sectors like social housing, student living, NHS, and education. Our services range from residential window maintenance contracts to expansive commercial window overhauls. These are available across the UK, with a keen focus on regions like Yorkshire, Humberside, and Greater Manchester for timely responses.

Achieving Excellence in First-Time Fixes

Robust processes are key. So are efficient procedures and supply chains. These elements allow us to deliver services with unmatched efficiency, from window overhaul contracts in towering buildings to intricate commercial door projects.

Skilled Engineers: The Backbone of Our Service

Our engineers excel in assessing and fixing issues. Equipped with well-stocked vans and essential parts, they ensure first-time window repairs. Supporting them is a management team with 50 years of experience, ready to tackle challenging problems.

A Vast Supply Chain for Window Repair Materials

Over three decades, our team has built an expansive network for window repair materials. We can even source obsolete parts, thanks to a network that spans Europe. Being part of ASSA Abloy grants us exclusive access to the vast ASSA supply chain. This positions us potentially as the top Window Maintenance parts supplier in the UK.

Aim High: Our Aspirations for the First Time Fix

Our vision is clear. We aim for a consistent 98% first-time fix rate. This ensures our clients not only save costs but also enjoy unparalleled service quality.

New Services and Monthly Newsletter

We are launching several new services to customers in 2024;

  • SAFEKeep – The complete package of Window & Door Maintenance
  • Digital Window Surveys providing full inspection audit trail.

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