4 Parts Of Your Commercial Windows That Should Be Maintained

Poorly performing windows pose health and safety challenges for commercial property owners and landlords, as malfunctioning or corroded components can expose occupants of a building to health and safety or security dangers. Professional window and door maintenance helps to prevent many problems from occurring by ensuring that components are in full, working order and that any issues are identified and rectified at the earliest opportunity.

So, what components in a double-glazed window require regular maintenance?

1. Seals And Gaskets

Seals or gaskets are rubber strips that are fitted to the edge of a window to keep out draughts and water. Over time, these seals can become brittle and crack or lose their elasticity, allowing air and water to seep in. It’s important to inspect seals regularly for signs of degradation and, if necessary, to arrange for their professional repair by a commercial window contractor, which can be completed quickly and cheaply with minimal disruption to daily life. 

2. Hardware

Window hardware includes all of the moving components of the window unit, such as hinges, locks, and handles. Over time, these parts can become worn, damaged, or corroded, making it difficult to open or close the window or resulting in incomplete closure that allows draughts into the property or puts residents at risk of a fall from height. Poorly functioning hardware also poses a security risk and makes it easier for criminals to gain entry. Regular maintenance of commercial window hardware will ensure these parts remain in good working order.

3. Window Restrictors

Designed to restrict how wide a window can be opened, window restrictors are essential safety devices in high-rise commercial buildings, care homes, hospitals, and schools that can make it difficult for someone to fall to the ground outside unless tampered with or broken. Commercial windows installed prior to 2010 are unlikely to have integrated window restrictors but they can be retrofitted for a cost-effective price. For optimum safety, it’s important to make sure that these devices work properly and are correctly installed.

4. Sealed Units

Glass technology has improved considerably in recent years, offering better thermal and sound insulation than ever before. Over time, the seal between glass panes in double-glazed units can also deteriorate, allowing moisture to enter which causes fogging or condensation. Older sealed units are unlikely to perform as effectively as modern products, so upgrading commercial windows and doors can be a cost-effective decision that improves security, reduces energy consumption, and enhances living standards. 

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