Green fingers for Mila Maintenance and Installation

Tina Marsh and Roland Trueman from Mila Maintenance and Installation’s Folkestone office were in the heart of the gardening community at East Kent Housing recently.

Sponsoring the Best Community Garden Award and the Best Vegetable Patch award, the team got in amongst the gardeners to present the awards.

Tina had responsibility for the Best Vegetable Patch Award. “It was great to see what the winner had done, and to see what can be achieved even in a small space”.

The thing that really stood out was the passion all the entrants had for what they are doing, and with growing your own food becoming ever more popular they should all be congratulated on their achievements and encouraged to do even more. Hopefully winning prizes and being recognised for their achievements at events like this will really help.

Speaking after he had presented the winners of the Communal Gardens Award with their prize Roland was keen to point to the value that working together on kind of activity brings. “It is such a great way to build relationships and build communities. Working together for a common goal, especially one as pleasurable as creating a shared garden for everybody to enjoy is fantastic and it is something we were especially delighted to sponsor”.

“We know it will bring real value to the area; congratulations to all those involved”.

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