Curating Better Student Experiences With High-Rise Window Maintenance

‘The best years of your life’ is often how university days are described – but not if, as an undergraduate, you live in squalid conditions with poor ventilation, widespread mould growth, and freezing temperatures. Today’s students rightly expect their accommodation to meet certain quality standards, as poor living conditions can have a detrimental effect on their health, sleep, and academic attainment. High-rise window installation and maintenance have a crucial role to play.

If you’re looking for effective ways to improve students’ living standards in your accommodation,  how can high-rise window maintenance help?

Noise Reduction

Student accommodation is often located in busy urban areas, such as city centres, which can result in high noise levels permeating the building. Very few UK universities offer students accommodation beyond their first year; consequently, many second and third-year undergraduates move off-campus into urban areas where noise disruption is more likely to be a problem. Installing noise-reducing windows can substantially improve their living quality, particularly for students who require a quiet environment for study. These windows are designed to minimise external noise, allowing students to concentrate when studying and enjoy unbroken sleep.


There are few people who don’t insist on personal privacy, and students are no different – particularly as student accommodation in urban areas is often situated in proximity to other residential or commercial properties. Window treatments, such as frosted or tinted windows, can guarantee privacy without compromising on the volume of natural light that enters a student’s room. Glass treatments obscure the view into a room from the outside but don’t obstruct sunlight, thereby helping to maintain a high standard of living.


Safety should always be a priority in university and private residential accommodation; tragically, however, falls from height are not unheard of amongst the student population. Regular high-rise window maintenance will ensure that windows are secure and correctly functioning, and broken or malfunctioning units are repaired promptly to mitigate risks. Additionally, installing safety features, such as window locks and restrictors, can provide peace of mind for students, their families, and accommodation managers.


Ventilation is crucial to maintain a healthy and comfortable living environment by eradicating stale air and unpleasant odours, reducing humidity, and preventing the growth of mould. It is then, crucial, to ensure that windows can be easily opened and closed allowing for sufficient airflow. As part of a programme of student housing maintenance, regular upkeep of windows – for example, cleaning tracks and lubricating hinges – can ensure smooth operation and optimum ventilation.

Energy Efficiency

High-rise buildings face challenges in regulating temperature which leads to soaring energy costs and a higher carbon footprint. Regular maintenance and upgrades to A-rated energy-efficient windows can help to address this issue, by minimising heat transfer and energy loss and keeping the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This creates a more pleasant living environment for students while also reducing energy consumption and utility bills.

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