How Do You Know If Your Double Glazed Window Needs Maintenance?

Double-glazed windows in social housing are a cost-effective way to improve insulation, reduce energy bills, and strengthen security. Over time, however, problems with the units may occur, making high-rise window maintenance essential to maintain the highest quality of living standards for residents.

But how do you know when your double-glazed windows require urgent maintenance? In this article, we will outline the key signs to look out for, so that you can arrange window repair and maintenance to rectify the issues.

Residential Window Repair: When Is It Required?

When double-glazed windows are defective or broken, there are several signs that should alert you to the problem, so that you can take prompt remedial action:


A leak should be rectified as soon as possible, as it will affect the windows from providing effective insulation, and may cause the ingress of moisture or humidity, leading to dampness and mould growth. Leaks are usually caused by a failed weather seal; alternatively, the drainage section may be blocked.

Compromised Sealant

Another common problem is caused by the sealant between the window and the aperture failing. This results in gaps appearing around the edge, which allows cold air to flow into the room. Without prompt repairs, it will be harder to maintain a steady temperature inside the building and heating bills are likely to rise.


Condensation can be a persistent nuisance, particularly when double-glazed windows function less effectively. Mould can form quickly around the window, damaging décor and interior furnishings, and posing a serious health risk to residents. Condensation may form naturally in cooler months when the heating is on, but can also occur if there is inadequate ventilation, for example, trickle vents are blocked or not installed.

Misted Glass

Condensation that forms between the two panes of glass obscures the view and is unsightly. This also means that the gas cavity inside the double-glazed unit has been compromised and is no longer sealed. If you’re wondering how to fix condensation in a double-glazed window, replacement of the unit is likely to be necessary.

Why Should You Consider Professional Double-Glazed Window Maintenance?

It’s vital that window maintenance in social housing is carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced contractor who has extensive experience with cost-effective solutions in the property sector. By choosing a suitable contractor, such as Mila Maintenance, you will benefit from:

  • More durable double-glazed windows that will be cheaper to maintain.
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency to reduce energy bills in cold weather.
  • Safer, more secure windows that minimise the risk of a resident falling from height.
  • A better acoustic performance which improves the quality of living for residents by excluding exterior noise.
  • Optimal airflow that improves internal ventilation and reduces the problem of condensation and mould.

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