How Often Should Fire Door Inspections Be Carried Out?

Fire doors play a vital role in preventing smoke and flames from spreading when a fire breaks out but, to be effective, they must be fully functional and in optimum working condition. Any defects could affect the performance of the fire door, so a regular programme of inspection and maintenance will ensure that any flaws are promptly identified and remedied.

At Mila Maintenance, we provide expert fire door installation and fire-stopping measures and can ensure your fire doors are maintained to the highest standards to comply with all legal requirements. But how often do fire doors need to be inspected?

What Does The Law Say About Fire Door Safety?

Fire doors must comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, also known as the RRO, which stipulates that they must be manufactured and installed in line with British Standards. Through daily use or alterations, fire doors may cease to perform effectively or comply with the regulations, so regular inspections will ensure that they will deliver the protection needed if a blaze occurs.

The RRO applies to all buildings, except domestic housing, and assimilates the 118 pieces of fire legislation that previously existed. Under the Fire Safety Order, responsibility for ensuring compliance with the RRO remains with whoever has day-to-day management of the premises, also known as the ‘Responsible Person.’

Failure to comply with the RRO can lead to prosecution and may even lead to the building being closed. However, building and premises managers also have a strong moral obligation to ensure that fire doors are fit for purpose: when lives are at risk, the failure of fire-stopping measures can cause severe consequences, as was demonstrated by the Grenfell Tower disaster of 2017.

Fire Door Inspection Frequency

According to fire door inspection regulations, In buildings taller than eleven metres, all fire doors, including self-closing devices, must be inspected every three months.

Entrance doors to flats that lead onto common areas, such as hallways and stairwells should be checked annually.

Responsible persons for residential buildings below 11 metres in height have a duty to put in place general fire precautions in these buildings, this duty includes making sure that all fire doors – including flat entrance doors – can provide adequate protection.  As such it may be prudent to follow the same regulations as for taller buildings.

In new buildings, more frequent inspections should be carried out during the first year.

Fire doors that are subjected to high use should be inspected more often, on a weekly or monthly basis, as components may wear more quickly or damage to the door may occur.

What Elements Should Be Checked In A Fire Door Inspection?

The inspection of any fire door should be comprehensive and robust, to ensure that no potential problems are overlooked that could undermine its effectiveness in a fire.

As a minimum a fire door inspection should check that:

  • The door opens and closes correctly, fitting fully into its frame when closed.
  • The door is correctly certified with its certification certificate attached.
  • Gaps around the door should not exceed the maximum permitted.
  • Hardware, including the hinges and self-closing mechanism, are fully operable.
  • There is no damage to any part of the door, including mechanisms.
  • All necessary signage is fixed to the door in compliance with the regulations.

It is recommended that inspectors used, and any repair work that is carried out are certified under a UKAS-accredited scheme designed to ensure that these tasks are carried out to the highest standards and provide a means of certifying the work to the building owner/responsible person.

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