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R&R looks at a partnership between Mila Window and Door Maintenance and Siegenia which is delivering an innovative solution for residents living near Birmingham Airport.

The two companies came together to find a solution to address the twin problem of noise pollution and a need for ventilation in the homes of residents living close to the airport on Kitts Green Road and Yockleton Road close to the end of the runway.

As with many airports Birmingham provides environmental grants to residents to upgrade their glazing and other forms of insulation to reduce the impact of noise, but ventilation installed through window frames or residents opening their windows to allow fresh air into their home means that the noise from planes landing and particularly taking off continues to be a problem.

Adrian Vicker General Manager of Siegenia takes up the story. “We were approached by the airport to see if we could offer them a solution which would provide sufficient ventilation for homes close to the airport and at the same time provide its own acoustic properties to enable residents to leave their new windows closed to keep out the noise of the passing jets”.

“We had a product which we had used extensively in Europe – Aeropac® which we believed would fulfil their requirements, but as a relatively new product to the UK it was unproven here at that time”.

“This is where we teamed up with Mila Window and Door Maintenance, who we had known for many years and who we knew would be able to install the products if they were approved enabling us to provide the airport with a complete solution”.

“But before we could install them we needed to satisfy the airport and ourselves that Aeropac® would fully meet their needs for reduced acoustic levels and sufficient ventilation in their newly upgraded properties. In partnership with Mila Window and Door Maintenance we took the vents to a specially designed sound proof test building at Salford University to install, run, and monitor their performance. The results were excellent and the products were approved for use”.

tristan1Tristan Cooke Managing Director of Mila Window and Door Maintenance takes up the story “As Adrian mentioned we had known one another as businesses for many years but this was our first opportunity to collaborate on a project such as this. Siegenia’s innovative products were clearly ideally suited to this environment but we did need to prove the case, and taking them to the university was a really forward thinking move”.

“Once approved we were able to set about the task of installing them and our team undertook training to ensure we fully understood the product, how to drill the cores, the installation and commissioning process before we began”.

“As a business we undertake large scale repairs, maintenance and refurbishment projects all the time, and so this project was ideal for us – working with the window installation contractor, talking to residents to explain the process, and scheduling appointments to make sure that the disruption to the home owner was reduced to a minimum”.

“It is an on-going scheme which is working really well for all parties and is delivering exactly the solutions which are required for the specific environment. It has proved to be a template for working alongside Siegenia on other projects where we have installed their innovative range of products through our own innovative approach to achieving client and resident satisfaction which has worked so well for us in completing over 1.1 million jobs over the 30 years our business has been in existence”. Through the environmental upgrade scheme at Birmingham Airport Aeropac® is continuing to deliver acoustic ventilation and improved air quality for residents.

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