Looking Ahead to CIH Conference Manchester

Europe’s largest Housing event takes place on the 27th June and I am looking forward to attending with Will Chan, Business Development Manager for South of England.  The event is a great opportunity to meet with other stakeholders in the Social Housing sector and to learn about innovations that may be able to help our customers and get a better understanding of the challenges that they are facing so we can tailor our service to meet their requirements.


Having reviewed the programme of seminars and conference topics I am keen to learn more about the following to see if it is something we can offer to customers in the future;

  • Balcony solutions – We have a great solution for window refurbishments for High Rise properties, I’m keen to know if these can be delivered in conjunction with an enclosed balcony installation.
  • Factory Built Housing – Off-site, factory build housing is being promoted as a cost effect solution to meet the House Building Requirements of the next 5 years, as a company that will be tasked to maintain and eventually refurbish the windows in these properties in the future, I’m keen to understand more about window designs used and future maintenance requirements.
  • Estate Regeneration National Strategy – aims to support local partners to improve and accelerate estate regeneration schemes to deliver more and better quality housing, drive local growth and improve outcomes for residents. I’m keen to see how refurbishment of existing properties is used as part of the strategy. Does it involve a ‘broken windows’ approach and if so, how can we get involved in fixing those windows? This session is hosted by the Housing Forum and Echelon, Lovell and Bevan Brittan
  • PRS & Build to Rent – With 40,000 ‘Build to Rent’ homes in the development pipeline this sector is going to grow in terms of home ownership and importance as a potential customer. I’m hoping to meet some of the key players and understand what their maintenance requirements will be in the next few years at the seminar hosed by PRP
  • How organisations are coping with the 1% rent reduction – how are they improving their stock and making better use of their assets. This will be a really interesting seminar as Mila Maintenance’s approach of repair, refurbish rather than replace gives organisations a great way of maintaining windows by reducing whole life costs and providing greater budget certainty. Bevan Brittan have a seminar on this on Wednesday 28th June at 12:50.


Steve Parrington, MD, Forworks is hosting a session at PfH Live looking at opportunities in the construction market. As a thriving SME construction company ourselves I’m keen to see where he thinks SME’s can challenge the traditional players and also opportunities around skills, training and employment.


Galliford are housing a session in the morning on Tuesday 27th June titled what does the General Election outcome mean for regeneration in the North? It’s a key area for Mila so in the midst of the uncertainty of the election results it will be good to network with other organisations working on regeneration in the North to get their thoughts and plans for the future to see how we can support them.

Homes for Haringey and Trafford Housing Trust explain how they have transformed their DLO, we have worked with both organisations to train their operatives in window repair so I am keen to see how they have developed since we worked with them.


The event is going great to meet some of the Social Housing Consortia like PfH, Fusion 21, LHC, Northern Housing Consortium and the Procurement Hub to talk to them about the Window & Door frameworks and make the case for more provision for repair and refurbishment of windows and doors rather than replacement.

Myself and Will also look forward to meeting some of the Main Contractors that we are approved subcontractors for and have delivered successful project recently; Keepmoat, Kier, Mears, United Living and Lawtech.

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Written by : Rick Awdas

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Rick joined Mila Maintenance and Installation in 2016 and is now Commercial Manager operating as a part of the Senior Management Team

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