Maintaining a maintenance contract at over 99% satisfaction

What does it take to maintain a maintenance contract at over 99% satisfaction?

Mila Window and Door Maintenance’s achievement of 99.44% on time performance for London and Quadrant Housing across more than 8,000 jobs in 12 months is an outstanding example of a company maintaining the highest performance standards on a maintenance contract.

But the headline numbers are only a part of the story.  The number of differing priorities which need to be balanced to achieve these results means that Mila Maintenance’s work with L&Q is anything but a standard process, and added into the mix is the importance of maintaining resident satisfaction and comfort at all times.

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So let’s look at things in a bit more detail

When Mila Maintenance are called in, a resident has a particular problem which is affecting their comfort, safety, or security.  This is particularly the case on Category 1 cases, emergency situations which dictate a maximum 2 hour response to assess the issue, and a time frame for completion of a maximum of 24 hours.

These instances equate to approximately 10% of the calls which Mila Maintenance respond to, at least 15 per week, every week.

Maintenance Director Dave Cooke makes the point “I think we can all put our hand on our heart and say that if there is an unscheduled emergency requirement in our day to day business dealings, we deal with it”.

“What is so impressive with the way our teams work is that they are capable of doing this day in day out, and to the same standards every time.  In 2013/14 we had 805 cases where there was a requirement for us to respond to the resident’s need within 2 hours and complete the works within 24 hours.  We did this every single time during the year – not a single failure in our performance level”.

What are the key factors which enable a maintenance contractor to consistently perform at these levels?

Through 25 years of trading Mila Maintenance has gained the experience and built the processes and procedures to enable them to consistently operate at these levels.

Dave continues “The fact we are able to respond so readily to the emergency requirements is because of our experience, our procedures, the outstanding technical knowledge of our engineers, and our long term supply chains.  The same factors underpin our efforts across all the categories of maintenance we undertake”.

“Without these things in place we would have no chance of performing the way we do; it is why clients such as London and Quadrant Housing place so much trust in us, and why we have achieved the results which we have”.

Resident Care is also maintained to the same standards

“Resident care is one of the key drivers of our business. We take great pride in our work in this regard; residents are generally distressed about something at the point we are called in, and we know that if we respond in the right manner we can take away their concerns immediately, and represent the interests of our client at the same time”.

“Our resident satisfaction performance for L&Q is in the same high bracket as our performance levels on the contract itself – we currently operate at over 98%”.

“For us it is a great point of satisfaction, and this is reflected by the way we talk openly to the residents whose homes we work in.  It is why we take their comments, take them on board, and act upon them; it is embedded in our culture and is reflected in our performance level back to them”.

“Our relationship with L&Q is very much a partnership, their goals and our goals are the same; to make sure that residents are cared for to the highest standards, that their homes are not uncomfortable for them in any way, and that their well-being is looked after at all times”

Prioritising the requirements

The Category 1 cases are one of four categories that Mila Maintenance work to with priority being based upon the severity of the issue. In total Mila Maintenance were asked to carry out 8032 jobs for L&Q during the year and to complete 7992 of them on time across 4 priority categories to a performance rate of 99.44% is an outstanding achievement.

Dave continues “Generally where we do fall below 100% it is because of a material requirement where the item required is a special order.  We deal with windows and doors which can have been fitted at any time over the past 30 years, and until we get there we just don’t know what to expect. But all things being equal we know we will always meet our clients requirements”.

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