Maintaining the same standard for 25 years

When Dave Cooke, then of Mila Hardware approached his bosses in the autumn of 1988 to suggest that he set up a completely new division to maintain hardware on window and door installations in the Housing Association market, he could not have envisioned that 25 years later the company would still be in business, and growing.

“When I originally thought of the idea of setting up a maintenance division it was a real step into the unknown; 25 years ago, the thought of maintaining hardware was unheard of, everybody was selling products as ‘no maintenance’ or ‘low maintenance’ but it was obvious even then that if you don’t maintain something eventually it will cease to function properly. I don’t mind admitting though, there were times when I felt like a lone voice”.

“But here we are 25 years on, about to celebrate our anniversary, and with the company going from strength to strength and growing year on year. Our primary business is to maintain window and door hardware – locks, handles, hinges – but we have the skills and the experience to take on board any challenge in relation installed windows and doors. Over the years there have been many, but we have set ourselves the highest standards, and we have maintained them throughout”.

Mila Windows and Doors Maintenance offer a range of packages from a basic ‘clean and lubrication’ service which returns windows and doors to their original operating standard, to a full replacement service where they source the original, often now obsolete, hardware mechanisms and return the windows and doors to their originally installed condition. They also offer a robust reactive maintenance programme for larger clients. On all their works they offer a new full guarantee.

In todays’ world, where health and safety, resident comfort, and the importance to clients of maintaining the value of their assets has never before been so important, attention to the upkeep of already installed products in essential.

Dave continues “Maintaining the hardware and other elements of windows and doors is not in my opinion a ‘nice to have’, it is a must. It goes without saying that there are serious potential health and safety considerations in high rise applications, and sadly there have been some tragic stories in recent years, but in what you might call ‘normal’ applications, the issue is just as important”.

“Draughty, leaky windows, and ill fitting ironmongery, are simply not acceptable. Resident safety and comfort is a right, and anything which can help to create safer, warmer, and more fuel efficient living accommodation is essential. You will be amazed at just how much efficiently sealing and correctly locking windows contribute to a reduction in the amount and cost of fuel used for heating”.

“As Housing Associations are driven towards having to take an increasingly commercial view of their stock, we know that maintaining the value of their assets becomes more critical; maintaining the products installed plays a major part in retaining that asset value, and low cost but routine servicing contributes significantly. We have worked with many Housing Associations throughout our 25 years in business, and we know that they recognise the many levels on which maintaining the original design functionality of their windows and doors contributes to their overall operational effectiveness”.

“As we start our next 25 years we know that the market will continue to change, and of course, we will change with it; our packages and our service offerings which have been so crucial to our longevity will change to suit the needs of the market, and as maintenance becomes a greater part of Housing Association capital investment programmes in the future, we know we are in a great position to continue our story”.

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