How to assess Window & Doors in a Stock Condition Survey?

Gaining Comprehensive Insights with Stock Condition Surveys

A comprehensive stock condition survey gives you information on the condition of the individual components within the housing stock you manage. Stock Condition Surveys are typically conducted every four to six years.  They spotlight the current needs for replacement, repair, and maintenance. They enable precise planning of your maintenance schedules and budget allocation for forthcoming needs.

The modern strategy assesses asset value on an itemised basis, ensuring windows, doors, and other distinct components are individually considered.  This is the best way for you to fully understand the value of your assets and demonstrate it to potential lenders

Windows and doors have unique maintenance requirements. Industry experts increasingly recommend specialised Stock Condition Surveys for them.  This article explains some of the issues related to Window and Doors to include in stock condition surveys.

What to include in a detailed Window and Door Survey

Understand Installation Ages:

Determining the remaining life expectancy and identifying possibilities for refurbishments and upgrades is crucial.

Pinpoint Component Failures:

Employ a window specialist. Non-experts might miss subtle signs of component failures or misidentify root causes. Such expertise is essential for determining precise solutions and strategies, especially vital in meticulous tasks like high-rise window maintenance and repairs.”

Establish Immediate Remedial Work:

Decipher what remedial work is required immediately. Identify requirements for  your future planned programmes.  If you overhaul and upgrade windows can you reduce future responsive repair cost?

Keep an Updated Asset Register:

Conduct regular routine surveys to ensure the accuracy of asset registers. This is crucial for your accurate budget forecasting and borrowing purposes.

Integrating Technology into Stock Condition Surveys with Mila

Mila is set to launch a specialised app, offering meticulous recording of each survey’s results. This app supplies landlords with a precise audit trail for property conditions and window and door repairs. It confirms the operational status of safety measures and ensures no damp or mould surrounds window installations.

The audit trail includes: 1) a timestamp and notes from the surveyor on window checks, 2) window photographs to demonstrate condition, 3) a surveyor checklist ensuring window functionality and safety, 4) verification of working safety features like restrictors, and 5) detailed repair requirements.

A Stepping Stone Towards Enhanced Precision in Property Management

Especially for properties across diverse regions – from Yorkshire and East Midlands to London and the South East – the app ensures uniformity in survey data. It offers property managers and stakeholders streamlined, centralized data, ensuring consistent, effortless access and assessment.

Catering predominantly to sectors like social housing, student living, and Care Sector providers, the app methodically confirms that safety measures are implemented and fully operational, thereby validating safe environments for residents and employees.  Landords will have proof that no damp or mould was present around the windows.

With this advanced technology, proactive measures can be organized well in advance, ensuring continuity in optimal living conditions and minimizing disruptions due to maintenance activities.

Stock Condition Surveys the starting point of the SAFEKEEP model.

Understanding your window and door assets thoroughly empowers property managers. It allows a shift from reactive to proactive management. Implementing preventative measures becomes straightforward. Structuring contracts for maintenance of windows and doors also gets simpler. This approach boosts customer satisfaction. It also ensures cost-effective management, especially as windows and doors near the end of their lifespan.

Survey (S): Detailed Checks with Tailored Reporting

Our engineers conduct meticulous checks on your windows and doors.  Firstly for correct operation. Then for compliance with health and safety regulations.  Thirdly, signs of water and air ingress. We also consider any additional factors requested by our clients to furnish landlords with a detailed report. Not only does this report spotlight areas that need fixing. It also serves as a tangible audit trail, showcasing safety precautions undertaken. Finally, the report proposes potential enhancements for the windows.

Adjust (A): Preventing Small Issues from Becoming Major Ones

The emphasis here is on proactive care. Windows require continual small adjustments to windows and regular lubrication.  This prevents minor issues from spiraling into bigger, costlier problems. Guarding against more significant repairs and, worst case, complete window replacements.

Fix (F): Swift and Uncomplicated Solutions

Our approach to fixing is straightforward and effective. Once a problem is identified, our team ensures it’s repaired efficiently.  We prioritise the safety and functionality of the windows and doors to uphold the comfort and security of our residents.

Enhance (E): Advancing Beyond the Basic Functions

Enhancements go beyond mere fixes. It could involve elevating ventilation to combat issues like mould or damp. Or escalating the energy efficiency of windows. Or upgrading security features. In every enhancement action, the objective is to boost the existing functionality. Enhancements may also prolong the lifespan of your installations.

KEEP: Keep your Windows and Residents SAFE

By engaging in long-term contracts, landlords can spread repair costs over an extended period. They gain preferential access to Mila’s responsive repair services. The ‘KEEP’ phase protects your window and door investment.  It is the scheduled programme of future safety audits.  This provides a steadfast availability of a repairs service when it’s needed.  It’s how you KEEP your resident’s windows operational over the long-term with all safety measures functional.  It’s how you prevent small problems becoming large expensive ones.

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