Mila Maintenance and Installation approved as ‘fire stop’ contractor

Mila Maintenance and Installation has successfully passed its audit to become a BM Trada accredited specialist ‘fire stop’ contractor.

Speaking about the achievement Installations Operations Manager Dean Bradford commented, “we have been a BM Trada accredited fire door installation and maintenance company for many years now, something which provides assurance of our quality to our customers”.

“Taking our offering forward now to become an accredited fire stop specialist contactor is the next natural step and means we can offer those customers an even greater range of services in the critical area of fire safety”.

“We can now carry out fire stopping where there are pipes and other penetrations into the structure, and also where there are linear joint seals”.

“Being able to offer this service is not just about our skills on site, but brings with it responsibilities for our purchasing team who need to buy very specialist products and maintain a robust record system of where goods come from, where they are stored and the dates by which they must be used”.

“Working in the fire safety environment it is critical to ensure everything is done exactly as it should be done, and with a BM Trada accreditation behind us it will give our customers all the assurances they need that dealing with Mila Maintenance and Installation is a safe way to go”.

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