Mila Maintenance and Installation win place on Procure Public Framework

Mila Maintenance and Installation has been accepted as a supply partner on the Procure Public Framework for window and door installation and window and door maintenance.  It is a huge achievement for the company, and Commercial Manager Rick Awdas explained the importance of becoming a part of the programme.

“We are delighted to become a part of this procurement programme. Since its launch in 2018 National Framework Partnership (NFP) and ProcurePublic have grown significantly and are backed by the G15 Housing Association Hyde Group and Central & Cecil Housing Trust. With over 168 clients and 97 frameworks, including four of the highest grossing frameworks in the UK, they understand what it takes to run successful framework partnerships and that a key element is the professionalism and ethos of their supply partners”.

“We are delighted to have been successful with our application to be accepted onto the framework and are looking forward to working hand in glove with the team at Procure Public over the long term.  We know that the services we offer, and the way we deliver them fit perfectly with their requirements and their outlook and we are fully committed to forming a successful partnership with them to support their clients”.

Mila Maintenance
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