Managing Director for Mila Windows and Door Maintenance Tristan Cooke has announced that the company has become the latest big name sponsor to renew their support for the growing Kidsafe initiative.

KidsafeCert2016Designed to enable schools to provide information and learning for youngsters about the dangers in society without taking away their natural sense of adventure, Kidsafe provides information on key issues facing all people growing up today – drug awareness, stranger danger, racism, bullying, and road safety amongst others.

Tristan comments, “much of the work we do on a day to day basis contributes to reducing health and safety risk for people, including children, living in high rise environments or on other social housing estates”.

“Joining the Kidsafe scheme is a natural thing for us to do, and we are delighted to be playing just a small part in their efforts”.

“We really like the fact that the contribution we are making is going directly to those it is intended for and we are happy to support those who are giving up their time to try to get these important messages across”.

“It is a great initiative and one which we are delighted to join along with many large very well known household names; we would encourage as many people as possible to support the initiative”.

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