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Mila Maintenance and Installation has launched an exciting new initiative using # (hashtags) featuring its key products, services and values to help raise awareness of what it offers in the market.

Managing Director, Tristan Cooke takes up the story “We all know that social media plays a big part in almost everybody’s life these days, and as a company Mila Maintenance and Installation is no different to any other when it comes to wanting to maximise our presence in the market. Social Media has a part to play, but we wanted to do something a little bit more”.

“So we designed a # campaign for our staff to highlight the key features of what we do, our products, our services and our key values. They have been really well received. It is a fun initiative to some degree, but with a real purpose, it enables us to really showcase what we do by using key words and phrases associated with our industry, and which will be picked up more readily on the social media platforms”.

“Our key offerings have always been based around outstanding technical products, and we have always been really committed to delivering great service and showing outstanding care for the residents in whose homes we primarily work. That we can encapsulate these values into this new campaign and use them on social media provides us with a great opportunity to promote what we do and to involve all our staff in the process”.

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