Mila Window and Door Maintenance secures place on new North East Procurement Framework

Mila Window and Door maintenance is delighted to announce it has secured a place on the new ‘Planned Repairs, Maintenance, and Specialist Services Contractor Framework’ with North East Procurement.

It is the first time the specialist windows repairs and maintenance contractor has been involved with the North East based procurement organisation and it is looking forward to being able to talk to clients who partner with it about its range of value for money innovative products and services.

Regional Business Manager Rick Awdas believes it is a sign of the times that Mila Window and Door Maintenance has been able to secure its place on the new framework.

“As the market starts to change away from predominantly capital works to a more balanced range of offerings, repair, refurbishment or maintenance of installed products has a real relevance”.

“Organisations in the North East (and across the country) have made a significant investment over the past 15 years replacing existing windows with new.   Many of those windows are in fact now over 10 years old and we would expect them to start to having issues with glass, hardware and seals”.

“Organisations in the North East will now have the opportunity to work with ourselves to prolong the life of those windows, ensuring they are fully operational for residents and to protect the value of their investments”.

“We have been able to demonstrate over many years that a repairs and maintenance offering for installed windows offers not only a competitive alternative to replacements, but delivers many other tangible benefits including environmental benefits and resident considerations not achievable when undertaking a full works package”.

“Our packages all come with extended guarantees which helps to deliver a significantly longer life-time cycle for a client’s assets”.

“We are really excited to have been accepted onto the framework and are very much looking forward to meeting with members of the group at the launch event in November, and on an on-going basis”.

“The main pillars of the group’s ethos – Collaboration, Procurement and Social Value – sit perfectly with ourselves, and we are very much looking forward to being involved”.

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Written by : Rick Awdas

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Rick joined Mila Maintenance and Installation in 2016 and is now Commercial Manager operating as a part of the Senior Management Team

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