Mila Wins Contract, Ensuring Safe and Efficient Window Overhauls for Origin Housing

Mila Maintenance secures a pivotal contract from Origin Housing, addressing comprehensive window needs for a key block of flats in central London.

Enhancing Resident Safety Through Window Inspections

Safety and efficiency drive Mila. We’ll conduct in-depth window inspections and surveys at the residential located block near Warren Street and Euston Square. The criticality of carrying out works whilst residents are in-property demands impeccable planning. Our goals: ensure absolute safety for both residents and engineers, and minimise disruption during the window overhaul process.

Careful Planning for Repairs at Height

Working at height, especially in a bustling London locale, necessitates stringent safety measures. Mila meticulously plans to safeguard against potential falls and prevent items from falling, protecting the public below. The entire operation adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring no compromise on the safety of residents, engineers, and the general public.

Tackling Sourcing Challenges Head-On

This building presented a unique challenge for Origin. Sourcing window parts, distributed from various suppliers across Europe, was cumbersome. Mila, with its industry-leading window repair supply chain and a team of skilled engineers, emerges as the solution-provider. We effectively navigate the complexity of repairs and replacements, even with the sourcing challenges prevalent.

Delivering Expertise in Window Repairs

Our skilled and experienced engineers aren’t just executing window repairs. They’re providing holistic solutions where others couldn’t. Mila leverages a robust supply chain and in-depth expertise to navigate the challenges posed by diverse European suppliers, ensuring that the right parts are procured, and efficient repairs are executed.

Speak to Mila – Your Window Solution Expert

Secure, efficient, and resident-friendly window solutions are a conversation away. Speak to Mila today to explore how we ensure window safety, compliance, and seamless functionality in your housing projects. Furthermore, delve into our Blogs and FREE Guides to explore actionable insights on strategic window management, especially in residential settings. Mila doesn’t just repair; we innovate solutions where others see obstacles. Let’s create safe, efficient living spaces together.

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