New apprentices underpin social sustainability for Mila Window and Door Maintenance

Social Housing repairs and maintenance specialists Mila Window and Door Maintenance has engaged two new apprentice site engineers as a part of its long term sustainable approach to business.

The company which provides its clients with repairs and maintenance services for windows and doors rather than them having to undertake full and costly replacement options recently scored over 95% on the CIPS Sustainability Index.

A key part of achieving that score came in the ‘Social Sustainability’ area from their approach to recruitment.

Will Chan, Business Development Manager for Mila Window and Door Maintenance explains.

“We have always been committed to working with the communities in which we operate, trying to make a contribution to better the situation we move into in which ever way that means, and we always try to take any new apprentices from our client’s areas”.

“With skills and labour shortages currently being such a huge issue in the wider construction industry, taking on apprentices the way we do and having them mentored by our more experienced engineers gives us a sustainable operating model which will enable us to keep delivering to our clients at the outstandingly high 90’s percentage rates that we currently do.  It also contributes hugely to the economic and social sustainability of our business model and that of our clients”.

“We are particularly delighted to be able to announce the arrival of two new apprentices to our team in the London area.  The employment of both of these new trainees has come as a direct result of our engagement with key clients in the area, working with their community investment teams to identify local youngsters who have an appetite to learn real long terms beneficial skills, and then being able to create the opportunities for them to join us”.

“Being able to work in this way is great for us as it gives us genuine continuity and succession plans; it is great for our clients as they can genuinely demonstrate that they have created real employment opportunities for youngsters in their areas; and of course it is great for the individuals themselves.  We are delighted to welcome them to Mila Window and Door Maintenance”.

Mila Window and Door Maintenance are specialists in working in social housing and commercial buildings.  They have completed over 1 million repairs in nearly 30 years of trading.

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