New Covid-19 guidelines for the restart of operations

Mila Maintenance and Installation has issued new guidelines to employees and customers to ensure compliance with government requirements and best practice on the return to work following the Covid-19 lockdown.

Managing Director Tristan Cooke talked about the new guidelines and procedures:
“This is not going to be an easy period for anybody – whether it is staff or customers, we have all been impacted by the lockdown and people will re-adapt at different paces and in different ways”.

“It is important that as we return to work we understand everybody’s concerns, so we have put together what we hope is a simple to follow, but nevertheless comprehensive guide to make the transition as smooth as possible”.

“It is important to me as Managing Director that as a business we demonstrate to each and everyone of our employees that they are not on their own, we are very much in this together, and if they have any concerns there is support available to them. The guidelines we have produced are very much about taking care of their welfare and safety first and foremost and giving them the means to work efficiently without exposing them to any undue risk”.

“Our customers have a role to play too. We want them to know what they can do to make things easier for our teams when they arrive at site, to enable us to get them job completed, and to help minimise the risk to themselves”.

“By working together, we can get essential maintenance completed enabling us to make people safe, secure and warm in their homes.

You can download the guidelines here:
COVID-19 – Customer Guide
COVID-19 – Operational Guide
COVID-19 – Risk Assessment

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