New pioneering “Regeneration” Solution for High Rise Windows

For the company which recently hit a target of 95% in the CIPS Sustainability Index the new product offering is the latest in a long line of sustainable solutions it provides to the social housing sector. The new offering has been introduced at the request of clients who have high rise housing stock which has been rendered or over-clad.

Tristan Cooke Business Manager for Mila Window and Door Maintenance takes up the story:

“We have worked in high rise applications for many years and have undertaken major projects to repair and replace the hardware, glazing, and gaskets in literally 100’s of blocks and this is something we continue to do for our clients”.

“However we are increasingly being asked by them if there is more we can do. What many clients are now realising is that once they have rendered or over-clad their high rise blocks to improve the overall thermal efficiency it will be very difficult, and extremely costly to then have to replace windows, many of which have been in situ for over 30 years”.

“With windows it is not just about thermal efficiency, and regardless of the properties of the external jacket there is still the potential for major work to be done. Many of the windows which are in high rise situations do not meet with modern standards, for safety or for ease in use, and with many authorities having age group policies leaning towards an older demographic, being able to operate windows which by design are generally more cumbersome than standard windows is very important”.

New pioneering "Regeneration" Solution for High Rise Windows

No costly Scaffolding requirements
“So now we have pioneered a solution for clients which enables us to regenerate their existing windows from the inside of the property and without having to take out the frames or disturb the integrity or sealing of the render and cladding systems. There is no need for expensive scaffolding; we are able to completely regenerate the windows from the inside to make them safer, easier in use, and if desirable to upgrade the thermally efficiency of the glazing at the same time”.

Extending the serviceable life of high rise buildings
“Whatever windows a client might have in their high rise living accommodation we can regenerate them to create a more user friendly window type, with full operational integrity and in the knowledge that the life cycle of the product is significantly extended and guaranteed to marry up with any guarantees and life cycle expectations they may have on their chosen render or cladding system”.

“This product offering is entirely consistent with the very essence of what we do. Our whole business approach is to repair and to maintain; to preserve, and to extend the life of products previously installed. It is why our environmental credentials on the CIPS Sustainability index are so high, and it is entirely consistent with how we should be working as a modern society”.

“For clients looking to extend the serviceable life of products they have previously invested in, and who might be looking to provide a more comfortable resident experience for those in their high rise living accommodation, we believe we can offer the perfect, forward thinking cost effective solution”.

“It will enable them to benefit in terms of the life time of their assets, and most importantly by ensuring the wellbeing of their residents”.

Mila Window and Door Maintenance are specialists in working in social housing and commercial buildings. They have completed over 1 million repairs in nearly 30 years of trading

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