New website for Mila Maintenance and Installation

The return to work post Covid-19 has coincided with the release of a new website for Mila Maintenance and Installation.

As the company expands into new sectors for repairs, maintenance and installation, it is important that the website reflects the company’s latest offerings and makes accessing critical information even easier for customers and potential customers.

Speaking about the launch of the new website Managing Director Tristan Cooke explained

“We have been planning the new site for some time. Following discussions with our customers about how they would like to access information, and the kind of information they would like to see on our website we took the decision to go for a full redevelopment”.

“It is really important as our offering to the market changes that our website keeps pace with that. It needs to be dynamic, and we are delighted with what we have achieved. Perhaps the biggest major change for us is that the website is now split into the sectors we serve rather than leading with the repairs, maintenance and installation services we offer”.

“This means a customer or potential customer can immediately and easily access the information that is important to them, faster than ever”.

“The new website has been designed in line with all the latest thinking about how websites should look and function and it sits perfectly with our company culture and focus on being innovative that we have a site which is ultra-modern”.

“It has also given us a great platform to provide customers with updates on our post Covid-19 working practices and procedures and has enabled us to communicate really clearly at a time when good, clear and concise information is so important”.

I look forward to getting customer feedback on our new website and we will continue to enhance it even further as time moves on”.

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Written by : Tristan Cooke

About the author

Having been with the business since 1997, Tristan became Managing Director of Mila Maintenance and Installation in September 2015.

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