Planned maintenance of windows and doors can extend their serviceable life and deliver outstanding cost savings

Planned maintenance of windows and doors can extend their serviceable life and deliver outstanding cost savings

Dave Cooke Maintenance Director of Mila Window and Door Maintenance tells us how after 25 years in business they can offer social housing clients a range of advice and practical solutions to help them extend the serviceable life of their windows and doors simply by planning ahead.

“With the boom years of the Decent Homes Standard generally behind us, and the emphasis shifted to stock maintenance and the development of comprehensive asset management plans, the need to plan ahead has never been more important”.

Outstanding cost savings

“We know from our 25 years of providing repairs and maintenance services to social housing clients that the landlords who are able to plan their maintenance works are the ones who can make the most outstanding cost savings.  We recognise that not all landlords are able to plan long term due to the different demands that their housing stock brings, the budgetary constraints they face, or the fact that they are not at a stage in their stock life-cycle where maintenance is a factor”.

“But for those who have completed their planned improvement works and are now looking at planned maintenance as the next phase of their business plans, working with a company such as ours provides a great opportunity to maximise the benefits of the investment they have already made”.

Survey to Maintain

“Mila Window and Door Maintenance offers a range of packages, but always the start point is ‘Survey to Maintain’.  It is largely self explanatory, our engineers will go into the properties, survey the windows and doors to check what the components are within the specification and produce a report detailing what works are required to bring them back to their original operating standard.  As a matter of good practice we also re-lubricate all the hinges, locks and handles at the same time so that the resident sees an immediate benefit”.

Fully operational to the same level as the day they were first installed

“This gives us the start point for a planned maintenance cycle.  Once we have the information detailing the condition of the windows and doors and what is required we can work with the landlord to prepare budgets, plan the works, liaise with the residents and of course carry out the job.  On completion of the works we provide the client with a new guarantee which gives them the peace of mind that all windows and doors are fully operational to the same level as the day they were first installed”.

Extend the serviceable life of products way beyond originally expected

“Long term planning after this process is where a landlord can make truly outstanding savings.  A small but regular spend on follow up maintenance cycles in line with the hardware guarantee recommendations originally provided will allow them to extend the serviceable life of the products way beyond what they were originally expected to achieve.  So long as the key components of hardware and seals are maintained, there is no reason why the complete windows and doors should ever need replacing”.

“If thermal upgrades are required, we can address this at the same time and through the same process.  It is all about planning, and with us having been working in the social housing sector for over 25 years, we know we can offer all landlords something to suit their needs and their budgets”.

Mila Window and Door Maintenance offer social housing landlords free advice and a trial installation as a part of an evaluation process.  This is available to those thinking about planning a long term maintenance cycle.

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