Practical Training underpins our status as a specialist contractor

I have spoken often about the importance of specialist contractors dealing with the repairs and maintenance of windows and doors rather than MSO’s.  I have also, always started this conversation by stating that of course, as a specialist contractor we have a vested interest in the subject. I make no apologies for that.

But when I look at the increasingly niche jobs we are asked to undertake it makes me more convinced than ever, that unless you are fully trained you should not be getting involved with the maintenance and repair of products that have a direct impact on resident safety, security and well-being.

So convinced are we about this that we have installed our own practical training facilities so that our operatives can carry out training and learning for every job we are tasked to do by our clients.  A resident’s home or an office building are not the places to be experimenting – when our teams attend site they need to be fully versed in all the nuances of the products they are going to be working on, and understand any implications of their work in terms of the residents.

We are committed to this course of training, which further underpins our status as a specialist contractor.  

I would be really interested to hear what other repairs and maintenance companies do in this regard, whatever field they are in, and of course I am happy to share what we do.

Tristan Cooke Managing Director Mila Maintenance and Installation

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