Proud to be award winners – it will drive us to make further progress

It was a great moment to hear the words ‘The Winner is…..Mila Window and Door Maintenance’ at the recent Housing Innovation Awards.

We won the award for the ‘Most Innovative Repairs and Maintenance Scheme’; very much our field of expertise and the model around which our business is based. We are very much a specialist business.

Any form of recognition is nice and this was no different, but the biggest thrill of all is that it is a third party endorsement which tells us that we are doing things the right way.

We have always been capable as a business of looking inwards to ask ourselves if there are things we can do better; we are great advocates of capturing meaningful resident feedback which helps with this process; and we are good at talking to our clients to constantly review what we are doing to ensure it fully meets their needs.

But this is a different type of recognition, and from people who are steeped in the very market we operate in. I was fortunate as Managing Director of the business to collect the award, but without doubt it was earned and is owned by everyone of our employees. Our business model simply wouldn’t work without their unstinting efforts and I would personally like to thank them all.

That the award was for innovation also brings another challenge – what can we do to make sure we have a chance to win it again next year? We will certainly try, because if we do we know we will be continuing the tradition of good practice which makes us question everything we do to see if we can improve upon it.

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