This quarter we are focussing on Fire safety, and resident safety and well-being in high rise housing

April - June 2018

Each quarter Mila Maintenance & Installation will be promoting focused case studies, news stories, white papers and blogs about key subjects which affect the sector we work in.

This quarter our focus is on Fire Safety, and a continued focus on safety and resident well-being in high-rise living accommodation.

In all cases we look at best practice when it comes to product selection, the delivery of our site services and the positive impact that good relationships with the residents in whose homes we work can help to deliver.

As always, we continue to look at the benefits which a proactive approach to maintenance brings, including the extension to the life of installed products, and the reduced financial costs these programmes deliver.

We will also be considering the benefits of specialist contractors over multi-skilled operatives and are delighted to be announcing the opening of our new in-house practical training facility, and our support for a new industry wide campaign to encourage and support young people to join the industry and develop their careers through training and qualifications.

I hope you find the information below useful and informative, and please get in touch if we can help you in any way to meet the challenges you face.

Fire Doors and Resident Safety

Following tragic events during 2017 the focus on having Fire Doors installed into high rise living accommodation, and other property types with an emphasis on communal living became a major priority for social landlords.

Fire Safety, Restrictors and Resident Safety in High Rise Accommodation

Mila Maintenance & Installation has been carrying out repairs and maintenance on windows in high rise living accommodation for nearly 30 years. The variety of specifications installed by landlords during this period, and the unique challenges that working in this kind of environment bring are the reasons why only specialist contractors undertake the work. Resident safety in these environments is paramount.

Specialist skills, training and social value

Taking a proactive approach to maintenance is essential to ensure that resident safety is always at the top of the agenda. All too often the use of general maintenance contractors or no planned maintenance schedule can lead to site issues which directly impact the comfort and well-being of residents.

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