Ratings up again on CIPS Sustainability Index

Social Housing repairs and maintenance specialist Mila Window and Door Maintenance has improved again on its outstanding rating on the CIPS Sustainability Index.

For the second year running the company was asked to undertake the review by key client London and Quadrant Housing and for the second year running has returned outstanding scores.

Following on from their 2015 score of 95% across a wide range of criteria under the three pillars of sustainability – Social, Economic and Environmental – this time around they have achieved a score of 98% overall including achieving a 100% rating for their environmental and social practices.

As a business which specialises in providing long term sustainable solutions as their core day to day offering it is perhaps no surprise that they scored so highly in the index, but to improve on the previous year’s score is an outstanding achievement and testimony to the desire in the company to constantly seek improvement in every aspect of their business.

Tristan Cooke Managing Director Mila MaintenanceManaging Director for Mila Window and Door Maintenance Tristan Cooke was delighted with the outcome “the point isn’t lost on us as a company that sustaining our performance levels in such key areas as Social, Economic, and Environmental management is really important.  It underpins everything we do each and every day in a market-place where these things are extremely important”.

“To improve on our 2015 ratings is an added bonus and speaks volumes for the culture we have in our business which drives us to constantly look for improvement.  To achieve a 100% rating for key things such as Environmental Management, Corporate Citizenship, and People Management and Development is great recognition – these are the things which we see as being really important parts of how we run our business”.

“I was especially pleased to achieve a 100% rating in terms of our social responsibility.  I said last year after we achieved a rating of 97% in this category that there is not too much we could do to improve on the score but that we would continue to try to find ways to do so. We have always been committed to working with the communities in which we operate, trying to contribute to better the situation we move into in whichever way we can, and we always try to take any new apprentices from our client’s areas”.

“With skills and labour shortages currently being such a huge issue in the wider construction industry, taking on apprentices the way we do and having them mentored by our more experienced engineers gives us a sustainable operating model which will enable us to keep delivering to our clients at the outstandingly high 90’s percentage rates that we currently do.  It also contributes hugely to the economic and social sustainability of our model and that of our clients”.

“We are delighted of course with the outcome of the CIPS index, and maintaining our high score through continuing to run a well managed business will be as much a focus for us as maintaining windows and doors in our client’s properties and maintaining the high levels of customer satisfaction and operational delivery which we currently do”.

Mila Window and Door Maintenance are specialists in working in social housing and commercial buildings.  They have completed over 1.1 million repairs in nearly 30 years of trading.


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