‘Replacing’ windows is no longer the automatic choice for specifiers

Having started a programme of repairing and maintaining windows and doors nearly 30 years ago it feels like ‘over night success’ has just come the way of Mila Maintenance.

Tristan Cooke Business Manager for the company explains how after all this time there has been a realisation by specifiers in Local Authorities and Housing Associations that ‘replacing’ windows is not the only choice available to them.

“It is as if the penny has just dropped. We are seeing a real upsurge in the number of enquiries coming to us where Local Authorities and Housing Associations specifically do not want to replace their windows without looking very carefully at the practical and financial considerations of ‘regenerating’ them first”.

“This is exactly what we have been hoping for, and to some degree expecting – based upon the lifecycle of the first PVCu windows to be installed coming to the end of their natural life”.

“We have developed a real niche package for this situation which enables us to fully regenerate windows which have already been installed without disturbing the physical installation or building – which in many cases have been over-clad as a part of an EWI programme”.

“It is our experience and our knowledge which has enabled us to do this and those clients we have already worked with have benefitted from improved performance of their windows, extremely high levels of resident satisfaction, and of course financial savings”.

“The finished products are outstanding, and as a part of what we do, they are re-guaranteed, meaning that the client has real value back in their asset portfolio for the long term”.

“We provide a full free of charge survey for any clients wanting to explore this option and a complete report including the practical and financial implications”.

Mila Maintenance is a national provider of repairs and maintenance services for windows and doors to the social housing and commercial markets in the UK.

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