A review of fire and ventilation arrangements highlighted some unforeseen problems on an 11 storey high rise block in Newham.

Introduction: Revealing High Rise Building Challenges

The Newham 11-storey block project, commissioned by the London Borough of Newham Council, exposed the often-overlooked complexities in high rise window maintenance. Our initial task was straightforward.  To enhance the operational efficiency of window mechanisms and improve thermal efficiency through re-glazing. This project, however, evolved into a more intricate endeavor, as we encountered unforeseen challenges that demanded innovative solutions.

Client Profile: The London Borough of Newham

The London Borough of Newham, created in 1965, encompasses areas of the former Essex county boroughs of West Ham and East Ham. It’s an Inner London borough in East London, with a population of 387,576. This makes it the third highest-populated London borough and the 16th in England. Newham London Borough Council, the local authority, manages this diverse and dynamic area.

Window Repairs: Extending Beyond Routine Tasks

Initially, our role was to perform routine maintenance: easing, adjusting, and lubricating window mechanisms, and upgrading them for better thermal performance. This also included transforming communal Tilt and Turn handles to Tilt Only configurations, enhancing safety. An upgrade of stairway glazing from single to double-glazed units was also planned, aiming for greater thermal efficiency.

High Rise Window Safety: Fire Break Integrity

We identified critical fire break issues between floors for the Newham Council. Improving safety became a prime focus. Our solution: modifying kitchen windows to create robust fire-rated structures.

To fortify the building’s safety, we changed the kitchen windows on the North and South Elevations from full-height screens to half-height ones. This change allowed the creation of a robust fire-rated structure below each window, serving as an effective fire break between floors. Additionally, we introduced color panels to complement the new external wall installation aesthetically.

Innovative Fire Safety Enhancements

We also installed fire-rated doors for secondary balconies. This measure significantly increased fire protection for residents.

Ventilation Upgrades: Essential for High Rise Living

Alongside fire safety, enhancing ventilation in communal areas and kitchens was imperative. The existing systems were inadequate, necessitating an upgrade. To this end, we installed new double-glazed units with provisions for mechanical ventilators on the East and West Elevations. Furthermore, we equipped communal areas with fixed Aluminium Louvres to ensure efficient air circulation.

Conclusion: Excellence in High Rise Window Maintenance

This project in Newham exemplifies our commitment to addressing the unique challenges of high rise window maintenance.

By focusing on both safety and efficiency, we ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed the expectations of property maintenance professionals in the UK.

Our approach is always to deliver innovative, bespoke solutions that cater to the specific needs of each high rise building, ensuring the safety and comfort of its residents.

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