Robust supply chain key to delivery of sustainable maintenance performance

Leading social housing specialist contractor Mila Window and Door Maintenance highlight a robust supply chain as a key factor in their industry leading performance levels.

Averaging over 98% on time completion rates across the entirety of their client portfolio, and a similar score in terms of resident satisfaction tells you that the company is working efficiently.

Tristan Cooke Business Manager for Mila Window and Door Maintenance takes up the story to tell us what drives that performance.

“There are of course many factors which contribute to the success of any business, and ours is no different.  We have talked many times about the knowledge and experience of our teams both in the office and on the ground as being a key part of our performance; but I want to focus on our supply chain as being a real enabler in terms of us being able to service our clients and their residents the way we do”.

“As a specialist maintenance contractor as we are, to achieve the performance levels we do, and on such a consistent basis a robust supply chain is absolutely critical”.

“On average we call up over 1,000 parts every week, often one off, very low cost items, but each one critical to being able to get into a resident’s home and complete a job ahead of the timescales we have agreed”.

“Moreover, the nature of our business being what it is, most of the items we have to maintain or replace are no longer ‘off the shelf’ parts; they are parts which in the majority of incidences have been withdrawn from stock by the original supplier and are only available through specific outlets”.

“The window and door industry in which we have operated for close on 30 years now has evolved constantly in terms of its hardware offering, from the most simple handle configurations at the outset of its supply into social housing, to the most innovative and complex mechanisms it offers today”.

“Our challenge and skill is to maintain a close dialogue with all of these suppliers, ensuring that as they bring a new part to the market we understand just how it works in comparison with earlier versions, what the technical nuances are, and where we can use it as a replacement for parts fitted to original installations many of which are decades old”.

“Much of our Senior Team’s time during a working week is spent visiting the most well known suppliers in the industry, working with them, talking to them, and understanding their product variations to ensure that when we come across them on site we know immediately what we require to enable us to continue to deliver the outstanding service levels which we achieve for our clients and their residents”.

“Not being able to source the right parts to complete a job on time is one of the biggest failings in the maintenance sector.  It is one of the biggest causes of resident frustration when they are expecting a repair in their home, and that in turn leads to client disappointment. For us as a specialist maintenance contractor, which can come across so many variations of specification when we go into a new high rise block or on to a new housing estate, it is even more critical that we can call on a robust supply chain as the basis of our service delivery”.

“The efforts of our team to build and maintain these supply chain relationships over the years has enabled us to consistently deliver the highest standards of service to our clients and their residents.  This is something we are going to develop even further over the coming years as maintenance rather than replacement becomes such a big part of the sector’s focus”.



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