Security impacts all areas of our life in the modern world

It is National Home Security Month and Will Chan Business Development Manager for Mila Window and Door Maintenance looks at the wider issue of security in the modern age.

If you had said the word ‘security’ to someone 10 years ago it would probably have lead them to think about their homes and maybe their cars. Leap forward to today and add to this their credit cards, on-line banking, cyber security, and of course their personal security in a very modern and challenging world.

The world has changed massively, and security across all aspects of life is now foremost in all our minds – it impacts so many aspects of our everyday life, it is arguably the number one issue we all need to be on top of at all times.

It almost makes you wish you could turn back the clock and only have to worry about your home and your car.  As we take part in National Home Security Month it is an important reminder that we should not take our eye off the ball in terms of this most basic area of security.  Sadly, crime figures for home intrusion are noticeably on the up again for the first time in many years – not for this piece the likely reasons for that – but it is an inescapable fact.

So for all individual home-owners and private and social landlords up and down the land this is a good time to re-think about security in the home and to make sure that the most easily accessible access points for would-be intruders – windows and doors – fully meet modern standards and are sufficiently maintained to guarantee their continued performance.

There is nothing worse than coming home to find your home has been accessed by an intruder, and the financial cost is nothing compared to the emotional cost.  So my message to all those who are responsible for security in the home is to take time to look at what you have and ask yourself if you have done everything you can to ensure that your windows and doors are secure and will keep you safe from would-be intruders?

National Home Security Month is a great awareness campaign and we at Mila Window and Door Maintenance are fully behind it.  Let’s all ensure that we take heed of its messages and act to ensure that home intrusion becomes almost impossible, even for the most determined would-be transgressors.

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