Sentry Doors are specialist producers of timber Fire Doors, all fully UKAS tested and certified. As one of the leading suppliers to the market they are the perfect partner for us to work alongside as the market for fire doors continues to grow.

Working alongside Mila Maintenance and Installation

As a company that spends a significant amount of time and resource testing and certifying fire doors to ensure that they comply with all the latest legislation, we are delighted to have Mila Maintenance and Installation as one of our supply chain partners.

We know when our products go to site that they are going to be installed 100% correctly ensuring that they are fit for purpose and will protect residents in exactly the way they are designed to do. We know that all of their supervisors and installers are all fully trained and accredited to fit the products to the highest standards and to ensure they are fully compliant in every respect.

In the field we operate in there can be no corners cut and it is great to know that Mila Maintenance and Installation share our values on this issue.

Ty Aziz, Sentry Doors

Working alongside Sentry Doors

We all know that the installation of fire doors is a highly specialised field of operation and our teams are all fully trained and accredited to carry out their jobs on site.

What is equally important to us is having a supply chain partner that we can truly rely on. Across all the sectors we operate in reliable and robust supply chain partners are critical to enable us to deliver the outstanding service we demand of ourselves, and which our clients and their residents also rightly demand. In such a critical field as fire safety, where people’s lives are literally at stake, it is even more important that we have a supply chain partner we can rely on, both in terms of delivery, and in terms of the quality and high level of compliance of their product. Sentry Doors fit that bill.

Tristan Cooke, Managing Director, Mila Maintenance and Installation

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The communication and feedback we get from the Mila Maintenance and Installation site managers helps enormously in the management of the whole process, ensuring that the residents they are serving are safe and secure in their homes and that the client’s needs are always met.

Ty Aziz, Sentry Doors

What are we saying about this partnership?

The market for fire doors has increased dramatically in recent years, and maintaining supply chain integrity whilst at the same time ensuring 100% product technical compliance is a real challenge. Sentry Doors enables us to meet the challenges we face by delivering a consistently good product, and the relationship between our two companies has developed significantly to ensure we can support them equally.

Tristan Cooke, Managing Director, Mila Maintenance and Installation

We understand the pressures that are on Mila Maintenance and Installation to install these safety critical products to residents of their key clients. We know our product has to be right every time and be delivered when we say it will be. Anything short of that and we are impacting the whole process.

Ty Aziz, Sentry Doors

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