Key Signs That Care Home Windows Need Annual Service

The windows in your care home should be durable and resilient but, over time, may suffer from decreased performance. This causes uncomfortable living conditions for residents and even increases the risk of a fall from height if they become unsafe.

Older adults and people with restricted mobility are more vulnerable to cooler temperatures and may find it harder to perform simple tasks, such as closing an open window. Because of the increased risks posed by underperforming windows, a full window replacement may be necessary. This can be expensive and disruptive for residents as scaffolding may be required and you may need to move residents out of their rooms whilst the work is being carried out.

An alternative solution is to carry out an annual service of the windows, to check all windows are operational, repair them if needed and to lubricate them to ensure they will work correctly for the next 12 months.

When checking your building’s windows, look out for the following signs of wear and tear.

1. Cold Draughts

A cold draught that seeps into a resident’s room or a communal living area could indicate that the seals around the windows have failed. Not only will this make daily living uncomfortable, but it will also increase fuel costs as the room will need additional heating to sustain a pleasant ambient temperature. Replacing the worn weatherstripping, which is located around the perimeter of the window sash, will seal the gaps, improve living conditions, and reduce energy costs.

2. Condensation

Condensation will often form on the inside of glass windowpanes in cold weather. However, persistent condensation in large volumes may be a sign of insufficient ventilation, which can often be solved by replacing the unit with a better-quality product. To enable easy replacement, the sash will need to be removed, too.

3. Poor Opening And Closing Operation

In care homes, it is vital that windows will open and shut smoothly, to safeguard residents and staff and reduce the chance of an accident. A broken hinge or lock poses a serious security risk as well as allowing the ingress of cold air, so prompt remedial action should be taken to address the problem. Casement windows will usually require a replacement window operator, while hung windows will need the sash support system to be assessed and repaired or replaced.

Window restrictors also play an important role in preventing falls from height by reducing the opening to no more than 100mm. Here at Mila Maintenance, we provide high-quality restrictors for any window which can help comply with the safety of your residents.

4. Damage

Mould and dampness pose a health risk to residents, particularly those with chronic lung or respiratory conditions. Cracked windowpanes or damaged frames will often allow dampness to work its way into a care home, so an immediate replacement will be necessary to be of service to your residents’ health.

All these repairs can be carried out without scaffolding and major disruption for residents.

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