Social Housing Sector

Working extensively in the Social Housing Sector Mila Maintenance & Installation are the market leader in their field.  With over 25 years of trading, and having completed over 1,000,000 repairs Mila Maintenance has worked with every kind of social housing client and registered social landlord there is.

Whether their clients stock is low rise housing, maisonettes, or traditional high rise housing, Mila Maintenance’s experience is such that they have worked on all of these building types.

The company prides itself on the importance it attaches to resident care, and takes feedback from every job it undertakes as a means of ensuring that all of its employees are working to the principles the company operates too, and as a means of continually improving it service level offerings.

Mila Maintenance believes passionately that maintaining windows and doors is every bit as much a duty of care as maintaining gas or electrical appliances in a resident’s home.

Efficiently functioning windows and doors play a direct role in the level of comfort a resident experiences in their home; with reduced heat loss, reduced fuel bills, and a more secure property as a consequence.