Supporting Fire Door Safety Week 2021

We are delighted to announce that Mila Maintenance and Installation is once again supporting Fire Door Safety Week from 20th to 26th September.

Speaking about their commitment to raising awareness of the campaign Commercial Manager Rick Awdas said, “we all know the importance of having fire doors fitted into high rise and other communal living accommodation as an essential contributor to keeping people safe and secure in their homes”.

“In recent years the emphasis from landlords to upgrade their properties has grown significantly, but there are still those who have not yet actioned measures to improve the safety of their residents.  The fire door safety week campaign is an important opportunity for all of us involved in the sector to share information and advice to encourage everybody to prioritise the issue of fire safety, and we will certainly be doing what we can to offer support it”.

Installation Operations Manager Dean Bradford added his support to the campaign “As the manager responsible out on site for Mila Maintenance and Installation’s work in the area of fire safety I know only too well the importance of installing new doors and other fire stopping measures”.

“Landlords are moving quickly to upgrade their properties, but it is important that installations are carried out properly by specialist companies with the relevant accreditations such as BM Trada Q Mark, so that the doors perform as they need to do over the long term”.

“The Fire Door Safety Week is a great campaign and a great place for people needing information and advice to go to.  We will be supporting the campaign as actively as we possibly can”.










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