Team GB – the perfect live case study of the benefits of planning and teamwork

I am proud to be a sports fan and I am an avid supporter of all our teams when they compete on the international stage.

I know I am just one of many millions of people who took great delight in another ‘Gold Rush’ for Team GB at the recent Olympics and took real inspiration from the performances of our outstanding athletes.

I hope that their example provides a true Olympic legacy to the youth of Britain and encourages new participants to the many sporting opportunities which exist in our towns and cities.

But what really struck me, and something I have taken on board as a ‘live case study’ is the immense benefits derived by Team GB from the planning and teamwork.

Their success has not happened by chance – it has been meticulously planned for, and every aspect of what they have done every day in the long build up to RIO 2016 has been reviewed, and re-reviewed again to ensure it is delivering the best results.

Every member of the team is given the necessary support to fully capitalise on their natural ability, and the team ethic is engendered from first to last.

It is this I have taken on board – Mila Maintenance is good at what it does, you don’t complete over 1.125 million repairs at the consistently high completed on time and resident satisfaction results which we do if you are not.  We have a great team of people who fully support the aims of the business, and great supply chains to support them.

But it is too easy to slip into a mind-set of thinking everything you are doing is right, and there is nothing we can improve on.  We can improve, we must, and we will.

Those who know me know that I will always strive for the best, and this is a great time for us as a company to re-look at every last aspect of what we do and see what and where we can improve.

The Team GB cycling team set out in their planning to identify something in their processes which could gain them one tenth of a second knowing that this would be enough to win gold as races would be decided by hundredths.

It is this same mentality which we should seek – what can we do to add another percentage point to our completed on time results, our first time fixed results, our resident satisfaction scores and consequently the overall operational efficiency of our business.

We want to be known for being a ‘gold medal’ standard specialist repairs and maintenance contractor.

Taking inspiration from the performance of Team GB all the way from their strategic vision through to delivery on the track and in the field is the perfect starting point.

Tristan Cooke is Managing Director of specialist repairs and maintenance contractor Mila Window and Door Maintenance

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Written by : Tristan Cooke

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Having been with the business since 1997, Tristan became Managing Director of Mila Maintenance and Installation in September 2015.

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