The change of seasons brings a change to the challenges faced by residents where their health, safety and well-being are concerned

Easter traditionally signals a change to the seasons in people’s minds – winter, the dark nights and bad weather fade away, to be replaced by a warmer climate, lighter nights and a more relaxed frame of mind.

But challenges faced by residents in terms of their safety, security and general well-being are still there – some different to those they faced during the winter months, but significant just the same.

While during the darker nights there is always a heightened emphasis on security, the importance of door locks and window locks working correctly are always at the top of the agenda, the fact is that the lighter nights and warmer days present related challenges when people start to leave windows open, and in some cases doors.

Doors should never be left open for obvious reasons, but it is difficult to argue that people should keep their windows closed – fresh air and ventilation become really important.  In terms of security and peace of mind, clients also need to be mindful to change door cylinders when there is a change of resident – can you really be sure that all the keys distributed to friends and family are returned at the time of moving?

But leaving windows open presents two problems, both of which can be avoided by the same measure – the use of specialist restrictors.  Windows left open for ventilation can be accessed by intruders, and at the same time they become fall hazards for residents, especially those with young children.

It is not a safe assumption that if you fall out of a ground-floor or first floor window that you will be okay, you won’t, and we have seen too many incidences of this in recent years.  Restrictors in high rise living accommodation are essential, but even in what you might term traditional housing, they are equally important to support security and safety.

Better ventilation installed into people’s flats and houses can help to offset the need to open the windows in the first place, but it is a fact that while the vents installed into most windows comply with building regulation requirements, often they do not provide the resident with the level of comfort they desire to support their well-being.

There are many modern and highly technical methods of ventilation which circulate and refresh the air in a resident’s home, incorporate pollen and other allergy filters, and do support a genuine level of comfort.

To be truly mindful of the impact on the safety, security and well-being of residents, it is important to look at all the options available, and not just to fall back on traditional ways of doing things when thinking about upgrades or repairs.  

As a specialist repairs and maintenance company with nearly 30 years-experience, we are in a great place to offer advice to clients and resident groups on the best solutions for them where their windows and doors are concerned.

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