5 Benefits Of Tilt And Turn Windows For Your Social Housing Development

Choosing the right windows for social housing is crucial for the safety and comfort of residents, and to protect the building from the damage caused by dampness. A continual flow of fresh air will help to mitigate many issues, as well as protect residents from ill health.

Tilt and turn windows have become increasingly popular for window and door installation due to their versatility and numerous benefits. In this article, we’ll explore five key advantages of incorporating them into your social housing development.

What Is A Tilt And Turn Window?

Whereas most windows only open in one way, either vertically or horizontally, a tilt and turn window is a type of window that can be opened in two directions: by tilting the top inward for ventilation or by swinging the entire sash inward like a door for easy cleaning and maximum airflow.

So, what are the benefits of installing tilt and turn windows in buildings allocated for social housing?

1. Enhanced Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential to maintain a healthy living environment and reduce the risk of condensation and mould. Tilt and turn windows offer adjustable ventilation options so residents can control the airflow into their homes and eliminate the problem of stagnant air. The tilt function enables windows to be partially opened in cooler weather to allow fresh air to enter, without the interior becoming too cold; in summer, the entire casement can be opened to maximise airflow.

2. Privacy

Privacy is a priority for most residents of social housing, who desire pleasant living conditions without affording neighbours or passers-by a clear view into their homes. Tilt and turn windows offer an excellent solution to this problem by providing privacy and ventilation. The windows can be opened using the tilt operation in a way that obstructs the view from the outside but still allows free-flowing fresh air into the property.

3. Accessibility

Social housing needs to be designed with inclusivity in mind, as more residents may experience disabilities or restricted mobility. Tilt and turn windows are an ideal solution as, due to their user-friendly design, they can be opened and closed with minimal effort. Enhanced accessibility allows residents of all abilities and ages to independently operate the windows, improving their overall living experience and preventing the problem of excessively warm or stuffy interiors.

4. Robust Security

Security is a priority in all housing developments, but particularly in social housing where residents may be more vulnerable. Many people wonder whether tilt and turn windows are secure when in fact, they offer enhanced security features with multi-point locking systems that lock the windows at multiple points, making it more difficult for intruders to gain entry. The additional security provided by tilt and turn windows offers peace of mind to residents and housing managers.

5. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining windows can be time-consuming and challenging, particularly in high-rise buildings. Tilt and turn windows, which can be opened inward, allow residents to clean the exterior glass from the safety of their home and helps window installation contractors to carry out essential maintenance when required.

Find Out More About Tilt And Turn Windows

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