Time to say goodbye to one of our stalwarts

It is always sad when someone you have worked with for many years leaves your business. September saw our General Manager Chris France take retirement after nearly 30 years working for Mila Maintenance and Installation. His knowledge will be incredibly difficult to replace, but to replace his dedication and loyalty to the business will be impossible. Those who have worked with Chris over the many years of his service will know what an outstanding employee he has been for the business; his determination to do the job absolutely right, the depth of his technical knowledge, and his dedication to the team ethos which we value so highly have been second to none. We wish Chris and his family every happiness in what we hope will be a long and fulfilling retirement.

Good luck and best wishes from myself and the rest of the team.
Tristan Cooke, Managing Director

We spoke to Chris recently about his time with Mila Maintenance and Installation; this is his story.

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