Training, Qualifications and Social Value

We have been a GQA Approved Centre for over 10 years; we work with them as a qualifications provider to ensure that all our operatives are always up to date with the latest industry specific requirements, and that they are fully trained in the areas relevant to their roles in the business.

But it goes much further than that, both GQA – whose qualifications are delivered through 70 Approved Centres across the UK – and ourselves are fully committed to supporting young people and giving them the opportunity to get into industry, supported by industry relevant qualifications which will benefit them throughout their career.

For us, being so heavily involved in the social housing sector where ‘Social Value’ is such a significant part of the partnering ethos which we and our clients aspire to, being able to work with a national network of practical training providers is a real asset.

To know that we can source labour locally to our clients – wherever they are – and that the people involved have had the opportunity to learn in both a hands on and theoretical environment, and to gain formal qualifications, and that we can offer meaningful employment is the basis of a real success story where everybody benefits.

It is something we really encourage, and it is something which will help us to avoid the challenges of the skills and labour shortages which are becoming so prominent in the construction sector today.