Tristan Cooke talks about climate change

Every news channel and platform is currently full of the COP26 summit in Glasgow and the urgent need for action by heads of state to slow down global warming, agree net zero CO2 emissions by a varying range of target dates, and to agree a more consolidated approach to the environment generally.

I can’t begin to imagine the enormity of what they are going to have to deal with, but I do know this – we can all make an impact on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and reduce emissions at the same time…starting right now.

With buildings continuing to be the biggest source of CO2 emissions in the UK easy fixes can make an immediate difference.  As you know, Mila Maintenance and Installation has been a specialist contractor maintaining windows and doors for over 35 years, and we have completed over 1.3 million individual jobs in that time.

The bulk of those jobs has involved changing seals and gaskets and repairing or replacing locking mechanisms on windows, and the impact of these simple measures on reducing the amount of energy a resident must use is significant.  It might sound ridiculous, but I can assure you that just by ensuring that windows and doors are performing as they were designed to do makes an enormous difference to the thermal performance of a flat or a house – a home.

It seems that all the emphasis has been on building new ‘efficient’ housing; the fact is, that existing stock will always outnumber new, just based on its sheer volume, and while various initiatives talk about retro-fitting new measures into our existing buildings it would be good – enlightening honestly – to hear someone advocate that we embrace the simplest of measures which is to ensure that our windows and doors are working properly, not allowing draughts, and therefore not forcing residents to use more energy simply to keep warm.

We have worked extensively in the nation’s high rise living accommodation blocks over the years, making people feel safe, secure and warm, and we are increasingly being asked by clients to repair or refurbish their windows rather than replace them with the measures outlined above, and by others, to additionally replace the existing sealed units with new more thermally efficient versions.

These measures can be undertaken by all housing providers – social housing landlords, large scale private landlords and student accommodation providers.  Even individual homeowners can consider taking the same measures for that matter.

Let’s not assume that it is only global leaders who can come up with an answer to global warming – part of the solution is there in front of each and every one of us.

The following link takes you to an guide giving advice on some of the solutions that are available for those wanting to upgrade the windows and doors in high rise living accommodation, the same measures can apply equally to traditional, low rise living accommodation 

Tristan Cooke is Managing Director of Mila Maintenance and Installation,

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