What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Planned Window And Door Maintenance?

When people think about the sources of carbon emissions, they naturally consider cars, planes, and heavy industry in the first instance. Many would be surprised to learn that one-quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the housing stock – more than is produced by the nation’s cars (England’s 25 million homes alone produce 58.5 million tonnes of CO² annually, which is equivalent to one million more cars than there are on the road).

The Benefits Of Planned Maintenance

Window and door maintenance is a key element of planned building maintenance for housing associations and commercial landlords, offering important environmental management benefits across your housing stock. Let’s look at the benefits in more detail:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors must be properly and regularly maintained, particularly focusing on functioning components such as seals, gaskets, hinges, and locks. Not only will this ensure that doors and windows are fully operable for your tenants and service users, but it will also highlight any defects that could cause the units to be less energy efficient. The most significant ecological benefit from planned maintenance is to upgrade the sealed units installed within the windows at regular intervals, which improves heat retention within the building.

By retaining warmth within each residential unit there will be less demand for heating, reducing the use of fossil fuels and lowering energy bills for your residents.

Assess Your Sustainability Options

Planned maintenance will empower you to assess the sustainability options available to ensure any changes and improvements to your asset base are made in the most eco-friendly way. For example, doors and windows may not need complete replacement if individual components can be changed instead. This will reduce the amount of waste uPVC sent to landfills and cut the CO² output that is generated when new frames are manufactured.

Retain The Value Of Your Property Assets

Furthermore, regular maintenance can help sustain the asset value of the window and doors in your properties over a longer lifespan, lengthening your replacement cycle and delivering greater cost-effectiveness from each asset. Minor problems can be addressed as soon as they emerge, so full replacement isn’t always required.

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