What To Look For In A Window Restrictor

Window restrictors play a vital role in keeping people safe by minimising how wide the casement can open. By restricting the opening to no more than 100mm, a restrictor ensures there is a plentiful flow of fresh air to ventilate the interior of the building, without exposing occupants to unnecessary danger.

When choosing window restrictors, there are many types and makes available at a range of prices. In this short article, we will explain the key considerations when selecting window restrictors.

Do They Comply With British Standards?

British Standards (BS) are a universally recognised hallmark of quality, so only invest in window restrictors which have achieved this certification. To ensure restrictors comply with British Standards, they are assessed in three different ways – static load testing; impact testing; and percussion testing – which ensures that they deliver the outstanding performance required to prevent a fall from height through an open window.

What Strength Of Load Can They Resist?

The stronger the load that window restrictors can resist, the better protection they offer even when subjected to extreme pressure. British Standards testing ensures that window restrictors offer a minimum load resistance (350 Newtons for one minute during static load testing and 50kg dropped from a height of 200mm in impact tests). At Mila Maintenance, we only fit Jackloc window restrictors which exceed the minimum standards of these tests.

Where Are They Manufactured?

A window restrictor that is assembled in the UK using substandard components sourced cheaply from overseas is unlikely to offer the high level of performance required to protect people from a fall from height. Jackloc window restrictors comprise parts manufactured in the UK, so their origin and quality can be traced, ensuring a high-quality device that delivers reliable performance.

How Far Can The Restrictors Open?

To comply with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations, window restrictors should open no further than 100mm, to offer maximum protection and reassurance.

How Many Do You Need?

How many window restrictors are needed depends on the setting, with more stringent requirements for care homes and social care buildings. In these settings, two cable window restrictors are needed per window, or one Titan restrictor.

What Type Of Windows Do They Work With?

Whether you have uPVC, aluminium, or wooden windows, check that your chosen window restrictors are compatible to avoid installation and performance problems.

What Guarantee Is Offered?

It is important that window restrictors are durable and not prone to premature failure, as this could increase the risk of an accident occurring. Jackloc window restrictors, which we supply and install at Mila Maintenance, have a ten-year guarantee so, in the unlikely event that a problem develops, they can be quickly fixed or replaced.

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